Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's your take?

Extreme Home Foreclosure

I can't really form an opinion on this...

A. It's not MY house
B. I'm not sure how I'd handle a windfall of almost half a million in equity
C. I stopped watching the show, mostly because it seemed to propagate the "bigger & better" housing craze

I am all for people helping people, and sometimes people need someone to swoop in and save them (the best example of that was the woman who lived on an island was widowed & had a house fire, I balled my eyes out). The show has been great for that. But I've always felt like they go over the top a little too much. I can just see the assessors standing there ready to re-assess the property once taping is over. Most of these people are on the verge of losing their homes, how does increasing their property values by hundreds of thousands of dollars help?

But I do know that if I was one of the 1800 people who came to help I'd be ticked off. Multiple reasons I helped; my house isn't as nice; no one helped me; I wasted my week; etc, etc, etc.

Sure my house is HUGE (over 3800 square feet total) but it was built in 1867, not 2003. Trust me sometimes bigger isn't always better, there is more to clean, more to heat. More places for hamsters to hide...

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