Monday, April 30, 2007

Make it From Scratch

Will be hosted here May 8th!

Go to Blog Carnival-Make it From Scratch to submit your post!

It can be anything you like, but it has to be made from scratch by you! You can check out the "rules" at Stop the Ride

Friday, April 27, 2007

Frugal Friday #8

Oh my am I behind!

My tip for today (since I need to go clean out the fridge) is what to do with leftovers so you or your family will eat them...

My favorite use for leftover chicken or steak is Quesadillas:
Dinnertime Quesadillas from Kraft is a good basic recipe. I use whatever cheese & veggies I have on hand as well.

Leftover meat is also good on salads & in soups. I have been caught adding leftover chicken to a can of Chicken noodle soup. Toss in some canned carrot slices & maybe some extra noodles & you can hardly tell it came from a can to begin with!

I also go the casserole route with leftovers. If I can toss it in a baking dish add a can of condensed soup, water, rice and cheese we are set!

Sometimes I toss leftover veggies in a bag in the freezer, occasionally I remember to use them in my soups, before they are frozen beyond recognition!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Make it from scratch #10

Make it from Scratch is up at Stop the Ride

So far I have had my tummy grumble, & discovered a new resolve to learn to use those knitting needles.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Listerine Agent Cool Blue Recall

Listerine's Agent Cool Blue has been recalled as of now. If you haven't already stopped using it, please do. I guess their preservative was inadequate Press Release

This affects all flavors & all lots. There is a form that you can mail your upc to to get a full refund.

According to their press release no one has gotten sick yet and the risk is very low to most people.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you probably don't have it! My kids are obsessed with it, just love to turn themselves blue!!! The Princess got into it 2 weeks ago while we were waiting for the bus & turned the bath rug blue... not sure I'll be buying it again.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another contest!

The girls over at 5 Minutes for Mom are offereing up another comment to win! While it isn't as sexy as a new vacuum it is pretty cool! They were asked to review & given samples of Flavor It by Flavorx. I can say that I wish I had heard about this a couple months ago. The boy was on penicillin & I could barely stomach the taste, it was so nasty. It seems that they are offering a kit for home as well as installing systems into the pharmacy. I'd love to be able to change the taste of some OTC meds. The cough medicine always seems so nasty!

All you have to do is comment at the linked post to be eligible to win!

New job, for me too???

I have been offered up to hubby‘s new employer like food on a platter! Their food show is May 6th & 7th, and since they need help, dh offered my assistance! So Sunday & Monday I‘ll be doing whatever they decide I am best suited for & helping out. Not sure where they’ll have me, dh finds out his assignment in the next day or two. The kids will be going to my Mom's. Thankfully the boy will have school Monday & has after school math club so it won't be both kids all day for 2 days. It would really stink if there was a freak snow day!!!

I love trade shows. It's probably why he offered me to help. Especially food ones! Who wouldn't, all the food you care to sample… But Home & Outdoor shows are cool too!

We went to a food show last year with our previous food supplier for the ice cream shop. We weren't interested in most of the Trade Show Displays but we managed to sample most of the offerings anyways. And why not, that’s what we were there to do, sample!

I found that I was really attracted to the displays that had color and movement. It was much easier to grab & go the info at some tables, especially if they were busy. Getting time with a rep to ask a question was next to impossible unless they had really specialized items. We were also annoyed by the layout of the show itself, the design seemed to create bottlenecks. It didn't work that they put a paper product distributor at the END of a row next to 2 food vendors. You had to squeeze down the isle to get to the last tables.

Displays you could walk into were nice, but if they were for a popular item were hard to get through. If there was a rep out in front of the booth they were easier to talk to. Most people wanted to be behind the table & talk over it, but the ones that attracted me were reverse. The table to the back with displays & the reps in front seemed most inviting.

It seemed like the longer the vendor had been attending trade shows the better their set up was. I guess there is probably a learning curve & also better funding for the nicer displays is a plus.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Frugal Friday Tip #7

My tip for the day is for crafters & artists alike. A "frugal" or "cheap" solution to storage of any flat project requires a trip to your local pizzeria. Pizza boxes, with a little folding, can be perfect for storing anything from quilt blocks, to canvas.

I was introduced to the idea at the sewing store I used to work in, we gave them to students who signed up for a Federation Quilt class. This quilt involved highly elaborate embroidered blocks. Pizza boxes were the best, cheapest solution the owner had.

I also just ran across it here at Organizing Junkie. Laura uses them to store her scrapbooking supplies. Hmmm, I think it has unlimited possibilities, plus they come in multiple sizes.

We didn't have any problem buying a few off the local Pizzeria, but if you do, there are other ways to buy them. I bought a bunch at a local wholesale supply shop, of course we actually put pizzas in them...I bet I have a few left...oh boy PROJECT!

Home Security Frugal or Not, You Decide

PowerLinx Announces Groundbreaking New Audio and Video Products for 2007

Let’s start with the coolest home security system I’ve seen in a while! Secure View is security made easy. If you can screw in a light bulb you can install this security system. Because all you need is the “screw in” light bulb camera & the decoder. It seems to operate using the wires in your house! They have indoor & outdoor models available. I think they are a steal at $129.99 which includes 1 light bulb & 1 decoder.

Coming soon in 2007 is their IP net Cam, which uses your homes wiring to allow you to monitor the streaming video from up to 8 different cameras. All you do is plug the companion Ethernet bridge into any electrical outlet, and connect to your network or cable modem. It sounds like the plug & play ability of the software would even allow me to be able to install it. For the price of $249.99 I’m not sure how frugal it is, but it is certainly less than my homeowners deductible. This product is coming in July. They will also be offering new audio & video equipment, including a device that will let you transmit MP3/ipod or PC music to any room using your existing wiring.

I’m not sure you can put a price tag on good quality home security & not everyone can afford to pay for around the clock monitoring. I know even in our small township we have had several break-ins during the day & while the homeowners were home. I have been locking my doors more because of it, but I’d feel that much safer if I could monitor the outside while I’m in! I think it would be great to monitor the kids outside as well. We have several blind spots & not that I’d ever let them go outside un-attended for long, it would be nice to be able to get the dishes done while they played safely in the sandbox once in a while!

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What not to buy for Mother's Day

Or more appropriately a note to my hubby, let's hope he's reading!

I am pretty sure that there are Mom's out there who would maybe want a new vacuum for Mother's Day, but there are rules... it shouldn't be a cheap $42 number that's gonna give her more head aches than help, right? Right! (nod head now)

Great Gift Ideas For Mom - although the boy did expess interest in the "non-powered" Dirt Devil my Grandma has, not having to vacuum as much myself, not a bad gift idea...

Again, there are probably more than a few who would disagree with me on this one too, but I'm not gonna be happy if I wake up to a man inspired beast of a grill, unless it comes with a written contract stating that the giver will be cooking on said beasty 4 out of 7 nights a week...
11% off The Grill and Cooler Combo

How about some flowers - Shop Mother’s Day Flowers from $23 at, but you know I'd prefer plants, even indoor ones would be great!

or maybe something from Overstock - Find something Mom wants only at

I'd LOVE a MP3 Player - Only at mobiBLU 1 GB Cube Digital Audio Player, $129.72

or how about some new porch furniture, because you know how much I love the white wicker stuff that's out there now...
Wal-Mart: Three-piece patio sets from $89.86

Mortgage Low Down Review

Mortgage Lowdown is a blog about mortgages & is now hosting the Carnival of Home Improvement. I think I need to get in on that one! I have a ton of finished & upcoming projects. Plus we are looking for a lender & advice on what we should or shouldn't do, regarding our house. This looks like the spot to lurk! I need to go surf the 2 Carnivals that are up, maybe someone will have a quick fix to my sagging dropped ceilings (some people should need to take a test before they buy power tools!)

Gas Prices Climbing again

Frugal For Life posted a poll to see if or at what $ you'd change your habits due to the gas prices...

I had to say that I already have. The gas prices really put a damper on our ice cream/food business. So much so we decided not to open this year at all. We didn't feel that the traffic through the Park would increase much from last year, especially since gas will probably be priced the same or more.

That said, hubby's new job is 45 minutes from here, so we are now having to pay for more gas than we are used to. The price of gas jumped 3 cents yesterday. I don't know what it is exactly here, but if it is $2.81 in PA it's probably pushing $2.99+ here. Estimating the math he is using 3 gallons a day so ruffly $10 a day in gas, eek!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Monday, laa laa laa la la laa

The boy is off to school, thankfully we didn't get the nasty stuff, that's all east of us. Hubby starts work tomorrow, yippeee!!! It was kind of nice to not have him heading to the office at 11PM last night. I still think it's gonna take a while to get used to though!

I finished hemming his pants yesterday afternoon, so I don't need to deal with that today. I do need to get them completely ironed though, I do so dislike ironing. Love to do it when I am sewing, pressing, sorry, it isn't ironing if you are pressing... I still have a stack of unfinished projects up here I can work on, but I think I am heading downstairs to clean the living room. It needs a good vacuum & with the shop vac it'll take me awhile. Probably hit the couches too, it's been a couple weeks since they got vacuumed. I hope that it helps them last longer, like they say, but they'd last forever if I didn't have 2 monkeys jumping on them everytime I am out of the room...

I am going to get a menu plan done for this week. I'll be posting it over at Lisa's Cookbook when it's ready. I think I need to go inventory my pantry & freezers though.

Melissa at Little Wool Gatherings is writing a book about pregnancy, she gives us an excerpt & is still looking for stories & ideas to add.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I really do love getting comments! Really! It is just that I don't always remember to read them, since I started using the haloscan thing at least so here are some of the more recent...

Are you giving your 3 year old an allowance? I have been toying around with the idea to help her learn the concept of money. I am wondering if it is too soon????
Julie Cutting Back 04.10.07 - 3:20 pm #

I am going to start, once we get everything situated. We are also going to have to give the boy an increase because I am going to expect more from him. I am thinking that I'll give the Princess $3 a week in quarters or change, she likes putting it in the bank. The boy will probably get $5, & extra if he does other jobs.


LOL! I can just imagine what a pain it is to vacuum with a shop vac. I hope you get a replacement belt soon for your regular one.
Donna Crafting Mama 04.11.07 - 10:27 am #

I don't think it would be terrible if it didn't work so well, the nozzle keeps falling off, because it gets stuck on the carpet! Oh well I can rejoice in knowing that the carpet will soon be gone & I will be able to sweep the dirt away, very soon!!!


I just don't know how you keep up with it all! Melissa Little Wool Gatherings

I'm not sure how any Mom does!!! I guess we just keep going & going until we either explode or get a vacation!!! BTW, my lymph node thing isn't really bothering me, but I didn't have any illness that brought it on, so that is the concern, otherwise I feel fine, tired but fine!!!

To all on the Technorati Fave exchange I think I faved everyone from the Frugal Momma site, I still have to check my others to look for new ones! Thank you all! It is really fun to find new sites!

The great migration...

Ah Sunday! The boy goes back to school tomorrow, dh goes to work Tuesday, life will get back to normal soon! Yippeee!!!

I have only one must do mission for today & that is to begin the great migration of fabric to the upstairs from the basement. I have set up my machines, iron board & started thinking about layout. We have very little left to move furniture wise, now it's just the "stuff."

It has snowed here again, I really wish it would stop & be spring once & for all. We ran out of coal & in protest started to burn wood! I really do not want to have to buy another bag, it is April 15th for pete's sake!

I also have to do laundry today, the Princess had an overnight "accident" of course she was in my bed when she did...

Rethinking the Costs of Child Care and Considering Some Major Choices was a read worth sharing!

I am going to work on a menu plan, It has been too long since I've used one. Now I have a full panrty I need a direction or I'll stand there and be like "we have nothing to eat"...typical!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Frugal Friday #5

I am a day late!

My frugal tip of the day is probably more for us country folk, unless you have a little bit of garden in the city.

I compost, there I said it, we are a composting family.

A few years ago we picked up a compost bin & ever since we use it to dispose of any not-meat waste. Of course it is primarily coffee grounds, banana peels & egg shells, sometimes I do have to toss older fruits & veggies, peels & scraps. This coupled with the fact that we save everything paper to be burned in the furnace & potty training is complete we are down to a small bag a week for trash. We also throw yard clippings in there when we have them & every fall it gets filled to the brim with leaves (we have way more leaves than we do room in the bin!)

Thankfully we switched to a garbage pick up that recycles so we aren't throwing away the 3 milk gallons or 2 juice bottles we use every week .

The best part, I get rich compost for my garden, for FREE!!! Can't beat free, frugal & green all at the same time!

$1K opportunity

Here is a way to make your blogging pay some REAL money! Pay Per Post is announcing 1K Tuesday it started April 3rd & is running until the end of April. It means that they will be releasing a $1000 opportunity to all of their members. No requirements like Page Rank, Alexa Score, etc... So anytime on Tuesday between 12 midnight & 11:59 PM the opp elves at Pay Per Post will release an opportunity worth $1000 to whomever snags it.

I am guessing this is the Great opportunity they had us buzzing about a couple weeks ago. I am a little disappointed that it had nothing to do with Aliens...But anywho $1000 is really awesome!!! At least a little more relevant to my life, than life on another planet. Since Life where I live might as well be on another planet when compared to other places!

This event is sponsored by Zookoda, an email marketing application to get yourblog traffic increased. Sounds really nifty.

I think I am off to check out Zookoda, because it sounds REALLY cool.

***What would Frugal Momma Do with $1000 right now? I'd send $250 to my emergency fund, leave $250 on my card & give the other $500 to hubby so he can get my van running again, woohoo!!!

Technorati Link Exchanging

I have been having fun with this fav exchange, the bonus, I've been finding lots of blogs I wouldn't have found otherwise!!!

Bet Shop Boy

Christy's Coffee Break

Modern Musings

AskaX World


Blogging For Money

Money Conciousness

Mr. Gary Lee


SMS Today

Friday, April 13, 2007

Linky Lovin'

Must be linky lovin Friday! Here is another great blog hosting a link exchange Christy's Coffee Break

Technorati Favorites Exchange

Dosh Dosh is hosting a Technorati Favorites Exchange. There isn't anything in Technorati's rules about recipricol favoriting so why not! You favorite me I'll favorite you!!!

So click here to favorite this blog Add to Technorati Favorites, leave a comment & I'll favorite you, if I haven't already!!!

Friday is here

It was pointed out to me that yesterday I was just a little on the whinny side!!! Sorry! I really didn't mean for it to be whinny, just a general update on what has been going on here.

5 Days to go. Hubby is off to his Dr. appointment, not sure what they are going to do with his foot, guess I'll know when he comes home. Hopefully they'll give him a real cast, the air cast is more of a pain than a help, plus just try to get him to stay off of it... We are going to be really entertaining when we are old & have walkers...

I go back to the Dr. on May 3rd for the swollen lymph node thing. Hubby thinks I'm dying & has everytime I have any symptom of anything at all. He complains when his Dad does it to his Mom, but doesn't see he does it to me too & I am at least 40 years younger.... HUGE difference!!! I guess it's just how he is.

I have a huge list of things to do today:
Make Bread
Write something to publish!!! (Associated Content)
Click the monkey (Little Wool Gatherings)
Move a table upstairs so I can sew
Hem 2 pair of pants (bought using gift cards from our tax refund - we used Turbo Tax again)
Check on my $ accounts & my IRA
download the Easter Pics off the camera
put together photos for court (going to have to sue former tenant, hasn't made any effort to pay us for the damages)
Find Budget software on the new computer & set up expenses
find out about insurance (health - DH has through new job, but it is out of state, we'd like to keep our current plan, if possible)
Update my tallies on the side bar here, they are extremely out of date (at least on the coal & groceries!)

Hubby has to
go buy coal, it's still in the 30s here, ewwww
go buy groceries
then rest his foot

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The countdown begins

And other stupid stuff going on in my life right now...

It is Thursday - Hubby starts his new job Tuesday & so far we are expecting a paycheck Friday, otherwise it won't come until May 4th, that could make things tight...eeek! So we are 6 days away... It may not seem like a HUGE thing to most, but it is going to cause major upheaval here. He has been working 3rd from home for over a year now, of course we had the food shops too, but he took last summer off from the job. Now he will be 8-5 working 45 minutes away. We have no cell phone & at the exact moment no car on the road. The next few days will be challenging to say the least!

To top this event off, hubby broke a bone in his foot 2 days ago. He was carrying the desk chair upstairs & rolled the foot. I sent him to the ER when it started swelling in only one spot, I've sprained before & it swelled EVERYWHERE... so 1 1/2 hours in the ER & an air cast. The instructions he was given said to use crutches, but he wasn't given any or any assistance getting out of the hospital. How does "Stay off of it completely for a few days" translate to "walk yourself to your car with out crutches"... We were able to locate a pair in the family so we didn't have to go buy any, thank goodness!

While annoying, (and painful for him, ~eye rolling~) it wouldn't have been so bad if:

a) It is still cold here & our furnace is still going, it HATES me & I have an impossible time of dealing with it

b)we ran out of coal & had to have a few bags delivered, which means I am lugging 50# bags of coal down our basement stairs, cuz the store dropped them on our porch not outside our basement door, grateful & yet... (ok wouldn't even be worth mentioning, except delivery guy & store partner is hubby's best friend)

c) we are now mid way through taking over the upstairs apartment, I had to haul the file cabinet up by myself & my sewing stuff could be in the basement for a month at least, the next piece of furniture I get to haul (without injuring myself, knocking on wood!) is my old sewing desk. It is heavy & old so it's wood, up 16 stairs with a 180 degree turn, wish me luck!

d)we need to do minor reworking of the plumbing before we can use the bathroom up stairs, we had the gas shut off so no hot water. We are going to reroute the line through our hotwater heater & move the back apartment to the newer tank. So we are getting rid of the ancient hotwater heater (sounds like a jet plane taking off when it runs, creepy).

e)he starts work Tuesday, which means I will only be able to get him to help on weekends, oh wait baseball starts next week, hubby is possibly coaching (on crutches hehehe!) so the 5th Saturday of never I may get him to do the heavy lifting...

f)we decided to get my sewing studio out of the basement (better light, no musty smell) so I can start sewing things to sell. I still haven't figured out what I am doing, but I'll get there!

I think I forgot to discuss the apartment.

We decided a few things that are life changing 1 - we aren't going to rent the front apartment out again, it was the easiest way to get our 2nd bathroom, the kids a playroom, a bigger office & upstairs sewing studio... 2 - We are stuck in this house for at least 5 more years & I am going to be doing that on my terms, don't want another terrible tenant abusing privileges & flooding my house 3 - hubby's new job is going to double our income so we can afford to pay more $ on the mortgage without the rental income, we still have 1 apartment to help out 4 - going from a 3 apartment to a 2 apartment we may be able to lower our insurance premiums (for some reason 3 was where things went up...) So I think the benefits outweighed the cons on this one & now I am burdened with the task of not only completing the transition, but also to make it worth while & make $ from up here (we used the argument that our business was leasing the space to avoid the you can't afford it argument from my parents).

So much to do & so much time spent re-doing my myspace layout this morning...must go do laundry!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recycling platic bags

Got this great link from the Make it from Scratch Carnival.

Crocheted Plastic Bag Keeper

I also spotted this at the same blog...
Croceted Sling bag using VHS tape

I thought I was doing so good with recycling old clothes into new clothes, now I guess I'll have to dig out the old half eaten vhs tapes!

Monday, April 9, 2007

2007 Goals - April Update

1. Teaching my kids about money... I think I am failing miserably here, but even the 3 year old seems to understand now that we can't just run out & go to the store whenever they feel like it. We haven't been consistent at all in the allowance thing. Mostly because we haven't tried to be consistent... bad parents!

2. Saving money... Well this is kind of a sticking point for us at the moment. We did put the initial deposit in the savings accounts but we haven't been able to add anything to it. Something in our bank & it's making me crazy... Dh starts a new job in a week & it will be a huge boost in income for us, so I'll have to rework all of our numbers anyways.

3. Organizing... Ok, well the office WAS on it's way to organized, but we decided to not rent out the front apartment & take over the space for our use. I get a sewing studio that actually has natural light & a second bathroom. We have to make minor adjustments to the plumbing before that happens, but it's all good.

4. Exercise & weight... I haven't been walking, but then it snowed here & has been stinking cold. When we had a few spring days we were outside walking & cleaning up the yard. I still fit into the 16 pants so it wasn't a fluke & I really like the way they look. So I can say that I have dropped 2 sizes & I hate my Dr.s office scale, because I had to go for a visit & according to their scale I haven't lost an ounce, how that is possible I don't know, but I guess muscle weighs new mantra!!!

5. Creative time & organized computer time... It still takes me way too long to do what I want to do on here, but then I am usually IM-ing with my sister when I work, very distracting!!!

6. Potty Training is DONE! She has had a few accidents, but not many. Now for sleeping in her own bed. I am going to empty her room into the current office, so she won't have any toys in there at all (no clutter = more restful we hope!). The office now is just a part of her bedroom anyways, previous owners divided the room (dumb!), they'll have a toy/playroom & I hopefully won't have to step on another Lego ever again (ya right!).

7. Emergency kits - I'll finish these this spring, it's too cold for me to even go out to the porch & put the recycling out, amazing how a couple 60+ days can turn you into a big baby!!!

8. Routines, well it's a good thing I haven't been doing this work, because next Tuesday EVERYTHING will change anyways!!! I'll be able to make the bed in the AM & clean the house before Noon!!! The only downfall is that we will have to get up a couple hours earlier than usual, dh has a 45 minute commute. On an more frustrating note I hate having to vacuum with a shop vac! The belt on my regular vac went & I don't have a replacement (in fact it was the replacement). I only hate how much open floor space we have when I have to vacuum it... Otherwise the space is pretty nice. Won't be long now & all the carpet will be gone anyway, hehehehe!

Heart - Digital Scrapbooks

Ever since the GHDC of 2007 (great hard drive crash!) I have been looking for ways to put my photos & stuff out there, so I can get it back, if I ever have a problem again. The search led me to Online Digital Scrapbooks at

I gave it a go & had a ton of problems, good thing they are still in beta! I used the "slow" upload photo method, it wasn't really slow, but I found making a scrapbook to be confusing & I don't think it worked! I'll have to give it a try later & see if I can get it to do what I want it to. That said the collection of papers & "stickers" is cool.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Blogger Choice Awards 2007

The blogger awards are coming! Winners will be announced June 2nd at PostieCon in Orlando Florida. The opp read that voting is only through the end of March, but I am guessing that is a type-o considering it is already April 6th & they are still taking nominations & voting is open.

I'm not going to PostieCon, but I can't wait to hear who the winners are... I'll be on pins & needles until June 2nd, I just know it! I hope someone I "know" wins something.

The categories are neat like the "Best Food Blog," "Hottest Mommy Blogger," & my favorite "Worst Blog of all Time." Too funny!

I have a feeling I am going to be spending hours going through & reading all the nominations. I'll have to look & see if anyone I read regularly was nominated. I also have to wonder why Cass Knits was nominated for the Worst Blog of All Time... unless she nominated her self, which sounds like something I would do!!! It reads like a really good knitting blog! I wouldn't nominate myself in my own category, that's too obnoxious...maybe I should be the Most Obnoxious Blogger, no I'm sure there are worse out there!!!

I am still waiting for my email verification so I can go vote, not sure what happened to it, it didn't go to my junk file, just lost in cyber-space I guess! Not sure how I can log in then, guess I'll have to attempt to sign up using a different email & see if that works any better!

I have seen lots of badges up at some of the blogs I visit, so make sure you are clicking & sharing the love out there! Never know next time it could be you!!!


Thanks to Taureandevi for the Bloglog Shout out!!! Back at ya girl!!!

Frugal Friday Tip #4

I no longer use credit cards, for some reason we don't have a debit card for our checking/Savings accounts (can you say NSF), so I signed up for an AccountNow Vantage Debit MasterCard

My husband found the link originally, hey gotta give credit!

I was able to link the card to my paypal account using the Account Now as my bank account. All of the money I make online from writing & selling goes into
my PayPal account & I didn't apply for a PayPal debit card (personal reasons) So I needed a way to get my money!!!

It may not seem like a terribly frugal tip on the surface, but I signed up for the FREE account (no monthly or set up fees), I get free bill pay with the card, plus I only ever have access to the $$$ on the card. It's like a built in budget to control my spending. Plus, no more NSF fees because hubby forgot to tell me he bought gas and paid at the pump... SO I guess it's Frugal for me!!! I hate paying fees, ESPECIALLY because of mis-communications. With Dh starting his new job on the 17th we are going to have a lot less time to chat & check in with each other, so it is comforting to know that he has his card loaded for gas money & I have my card for, um uh, really important stuff (who am I kidding, FABRIC!) and we'll never get hit with NSF fees again!!! WooHoo, Freedom!!! And yes I am a total & self proclaimed dork...(I really did just pump my fist in the air & given the look on my sons face I really did yell it out loud!)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

5 Financial Mistake Parents Make

The top 5 Financial Mistakes Parents Make from Yahoo Finance.

"Below are five common financial mistakes advisers often see parents make:
1. Buying the wrong life insurance -- or none at all
2. Ignoring the need for disability insurance
3. Postponing a will
4. Forgetting to save for retirement
5. Putting off saving for college "

1. Guilty, we had term life, dh stopped paying premium, applied for term life again, nearly died passing out in kitchen from blood test(almost hit head on mini fridge), denied (said I was overweight, well sure, but not THAT much, nurse taking blood weighed more), don't have any now, not applying again until I lose 15 more pounds, dh will have some with new job...Got all that!

2. Guilty, don't have any.

3. We have worked through this, talked to potential guardians & both families know of wishes, we do have them on file, just not OFFICIAL LEGAL DOCUMENTS...

4. Doing it, just not as aggressively as we should be. Dh's new job will have 401k again, so automatic funding is great!

5. Started when the kiddos were born, not nearly enough, but I'm not sure that is ever possible. We are starting 529s this year for them, but each has had their own mutual fund account since birth & it has been funded annually.

I'm not sure I think these are the worst financial mistakes a parent can make, but they seem to be pretty relevant! Going to have to add life & disability insurance to my goals for 2007...

Monday, April 2, 2007

New Parenting Website

Babblz - Tell us how you really feel is a place where Mom & Dad bloggers can submit articles! There is a contest going on too so visit Gaga for Lulu first for the details. They are giving away a prize everytime 75 people sign up (up to 300 at this point).

Sounds like fun & there are a bunch of great articles to read already, can't wait to get started!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

My crocus are blooming like crazy

Another Contest at 5 minutes for Mom

The ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom have been given the opportunity to give away a new Dyson Slim Vacuum to a lucky reader! So head on over & check it out!!!

Music is everywhere

I was just turned on to They have a huge collection of unsigned artists in just about every genre you can imagine. They have a bunch of Country Artists. Of course I went right for the Hard Rock genre and found a really interesting "local" band...okay Rochester isn't exactly close, but I've driven that far for a concert before (just in the other directions...) I like how the Internet is becoming more & more influential in who we listen to, we can decide, instead of having to wait for the "industry" to decide for us. Doesn't it really get to you when you buy a CD (or in my case cassette or album...eek) and the best songs aren't released for radio play...grrr. Now we can listen to whatever we want because music is EVERYWHERE online. Now you can generate buzz with out having to land the big contracts!