Thursday, July 17, 2008

Preschool Stuff

Sometimes blogging can rock! I really do like the constant influx of crap swag! Yesterday I recieved a package from School Zone containing 2 books for the Princess. This HUGE book of alphabet worksheets ($12.99) and an awesome Math workbook with stickers ($7.99). I'm not big into "homeschooling" my kiddos but I do my best to make sure they are exposed to stuff that is above their current levels.

The Princess had just started to learn to write her name at the end of preschool this year, so working on the other 21 letters will be a big help come September! We learned that the state has upped the requirements of our little kindergarten students for this school year, meaning they need to know more before the ever start. Thankfully we will be 3 days a week at preschool next year and hopefully they'll have all the required skills. I am pretty sure the teacher said they will need to be able to write a short (sentence) response to a question. What happened to the letter people??? It's crazy the amount of stuff they try to cram into 180 days of school...

Anyways, School Zone has an awesome website full of educational products from baby to 6th grade! I think I need to pick up some math workbooks for the Prince, he starts multiplication & division this year, eek.

In a recent trip to Aldi I found some neat wipe off boards for them both, regular letters for the Princess, cursive for the Prince. The Prince's handwriting is borderline Doctor, so any help he can get!!! They've had a blast using them. I can't believe I'm already preparing for back to school, the Prince's teacher has already sent us supply lists! I want to ask where has the summer gone, but I don't even think it's half over yet!!!

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