Monday, July 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

We have family coming in tomorrow so our evening plans can change but if they do I'll just shift the plan!!!

Breakfasts are usually simple, cereal, toast, eggs.
Lunch - leftovers or a sandwich

Burgers on the grill, nothing fancy, just burgers!

Pasta & chicken - I'm not sure how I'll fix it yet, I have a crock pot full of precooked chicken so I'm thinking some kind of cream sauce over penne.

Since the weather is supposed to be rainy here I am going to make a batch or two of these Sweet Potato Yeast Rolls. Probably put a batch in the freezer!

Sloppy Joes - the ground is already cooked, I just need to heat it in the sauce

Breakfast for dinner, the works eggs, bacon toast.

If we don't order out pizza I will make pizza

Graduation Party

Something with what is left of the cooked chicken. It was very good with a Hawaiian BBQ sauce hubby got from work, over rice. Or I might make the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Pie substituting the chicken for the ham.

I loaded my freezer cooking planning software back onto the computer. Hopefully I'll be able to catch another sale on meats & stock up. I'd love to get some ready meals in the freezer, I haven't done precooking in a while. Of course the freezer is badly in need of defrosting. Guess that's going on one of my PODAs for this week (Flylady)

Look Mom no teeth...

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