Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekly PODA 7-28 to 8-1

Think I'll start doing a weekly check list instead of a daily, sooooo many things repeat!!!

summer Rec for boy
27 Fling boogies
surfaces, surfaces, surfaces!

Weekly Zone Chores

Zone 5 is the living room and apartment side yard, usually there are only a day or 2 here, but this week it's 5 days.
1. Flat surfaces
2. Detailed vacuuming
3. dust knick knacks
4. dust trims and cobwebs
5. put something pretty in the room - like flowers

1. weed around steps
2. scrape siding on entry
3. if weather is nice paint

Special weekly things

~Make sure carport/tent is ready for neighbors to borrow & us to set up Thursday
~RSVP for wedding
~golf on Thursday
~art program Wednesday

~mop kitchen
~mop bathroom

Menu Plan Monday

Our Menu:

I'll be making pasta (penne and canned sauce), pizza (crust is in the freezer), grilled chicken legs (probably with home made BBQ sauce), freezer pickles, boxed mac and cheese (with peas and tuna), somehow using up the lunch meat (grilled salami and provolone sounds good to me!)!!!

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