Sunday, July 13, 2008

From the Comments

There were a few comments, thanks for all the WTGs! It really is encouraging!!!
On the move to the apartment upstairs... yes we had rented out the upper front apartment that is now our "master suite" We had a hard time finding anyone we wanted living upstairs from our children. We didn't NEED the space but it works better for us this way. It was the easy choice since there are stairs that go into the kitchen. At one time the house was a single family, I don't know if we'll ever get back to that, but It's possible!

~ We gained a second bathroom, (no matter when it always seemed that the second someone went in to the bathroom, someone else needed to use it too)
~The Princess' room is no longer directly underneath the bed of our remaining tenant, if it was quiet enough you could hear him snore. She isn't a heavy sleeper so it needed to be fixed!
~I have a wonderfully large walk in closet/storage room now
~The kids bedrooms are now the same size so no arguments down the road when that stuff matters!
~ More room to put things away in an organized manner!

~Missing the rental income
~More house to clean

I think we made the better choice for our family needs!

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