Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Post #500...

Woo hoo! To celebrate I'm recapping the 2009 goals with a how I did in January post, exciting!!!

But the dishwasher is running, the dryer is going & I need a coffee break. I had to go for fasting blood work this morning & I had to wait until 9:30 to get in & then another 45 minutes to get home & put on the pot. But I am finally enjoying my daily caffeine!

I could probably turn this into a medical blog with all the appointments & tests I've had & will be having in the next 2 weeks, getting old sucks, but getting old with NO family medical history really sucks. Also, having nondescript symptoms of a generic nature leading to of all things a colonoscopy (that will be a fun day) really really sucks. I think I have more appointments this month than my 85 year old Grandmother.

Hopefully all will be abnormally normal, just like me!!! I am just happy to be told there is something abnormal, I was starting to think the abnormality was in my head, after 3 years, 3 PCPs I've finally been told I have an issue that warrants further investigation. So Jan & Feb have included or will include two CT scans, a colonoscpy, blood work, dental checkups & a base line mammogram (normal, thankgoodness)and the corresponding follow up appointments with my respective specialists.

It's been hard to focus on being FRUGAL, I'm having a hard enough time keeping mine & the families schedules in line! We are a 1 vehicle family at the moment, with 2 out of the house jobs, part time preschool, dance, swimming, school, where do I need to be, where do the kids need to be, who needs the car at work, AAHHHHH, CRAZINESS.

I have managed to get a little done to get our 2009 finances & house off to a good start.

1. Emergency Fund - I set up auto deposit, not much but it's a start

2. Set up guest bedroom - still clearing it out, and then I have to get the bed back from my sister, who has to clear her room out...LOL!

3. Decorate the house. I haven't done anything in this category yet, still fighting the clutter battle & there's no sense in decorating the clutter!!!

4. Simplify & purge - clutter clutter clutter!

5. We joined our church, now I am fighting with myself to get up out of bed & go. It's much easier to get the 4 of us out the door if Mom isn't in a lot of discomfort!

6. Complete 6 home improvement projects NADA, nothing, haven't done a lick of it!!!
a. Finish painting & hanging bathroom trim
b. Run New ducts upstairs
c. Fix dinning room ceiling
d. Finish The Princess's bedroom ceiling
e. Finish ceiling in kitchen
f. Roof repairs
g. Screening on side porch

7. Work on one sewing project/gift a week. Finish my stack of UFOs. Have a more hand made Christmas in 2009. - I still have to uncover my sewing table & chair. Maybe this afternoon I'll sneak up there & get that done. Sometimes organizing can be a pain, especially when you get interrupted & then forget to go back to it.

8. Still no hair cut, but I've been either at work, a Dr's office or buried under a large pile of laundry, who has time for exterior self maintenance. I shaved what more do you want from me, huh hubby???, huh!

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