Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decluttering & Spring Cleaning #1

Decluttering with a Camera is a great tip. I took pictures of a lot of my babies in their little clothing so I wouldn't have to hang on to boxes of that cute stuff! I'll always have the pictures.

I use my camera as a tool with my FlyLady home "walk through." It's a great way to SEE that stuff that you just don't see anymore. You know the knick knacks you walk by every day, that sloppy pile of papers or magazines... The camera doesn't lie & a quick snap shot is a great way to see what each area really looks like!

I am finding that it is easier to let things go when they are going to a good cause, so find a great charity to give your stuff too. I find myself adding things to the boxes just because I KNOW someone will be able to use it...

I like after pictures, a lot!!! They make you feel accomplished & it's a reminder of how good it can look with regular upkeep. Very helpful for an easily distracted homemaker like me!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Do.

Hubby's new spring do! It's growing on me, I still think of a chia pet when I see him, but I'll adjust.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The medical front...

I had my outpatient surgery Thursday. They removed a lymph node that had been swollen almost 2 years, from my neck. I have to wait until tomorrow for the lab results to come back, very stressful! Hubby did OK with it all, just a little freaked out. Of course I'm on meds & they aren't making me as loopy as I'd like. I haven't taken any yet today, I'm waiting for him to get home from work/church. I don't like taking things when I'm home alone with the kids! Does that make me strange???

It took a whole day for the whole area around my neck to start to hurt. I must have been very tense! Now I hurt from jaw to shoulder, I'm such a baby!!!

The OR staff was a hoot. They were picking on me as they wheeled me into recovery, because I was giggling. I woke up on the move, that's a strange feeling, but apparently no one ever giggles!!! I am weird I know, but sedation is an odd thing...

I have to thank the sperm & egg donors for sharing some stellar genes here! Precancerous colon polyps, giant cell tumors, swollen lymph nodes, cervical polyp... what's next people! I have now had just as many surgeries as my hubby, of course one of his was a broken wrist reconstruction & the other a knee... Mine are minor by comparison! Oh if I ever have to meet you...having to learn your medical history as you go isn't fun when you have kids to worry about, grrr to the biologicals.

Spring has Sprung!!!

I just couldn't stay out of the dirt any longer! I had to start some seedlings.

I saved seeds from our pumpkins, green peppers, & squash. I tested them out by laying some on wet paper towels & leaving them in zip lock bags until they sprouted. After they sprouted I planted them in some dirt. So far they've done well. I may have pumpkins ready in August, but maybe they'll just be HUGE!!!

I also started some petunias & sweet peas, along with pole beans & eggplant. My issue last year was that the seeds didn't get in the ground soon enough to produce much at all. We had late frost. Now I'm just hoping I didn't start too early!!!

I also started a cherry tomato plant for my Princess. Hopefully it will thrive & she will have tomatoes all season!

I started a couple containers of grass to use as decor for Easter. I think they look cute, especially after I trimmed it yesterday! I'm thinking they'll look even better with a couple eggs hiding in there!

Going to start saving my containers for when I transplant outside

Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Links from my Google Reader

How to save $100 this year and Living Below Your Means It's a link to more links, but very helpful links!!!

Decadence on a Dime, great advice on making the everyday special.

Budgeting with a Purpose - Keeping your Goals in mind

Frugal Decorating tips.

For those of us already thinking spring Square Foot Gardening Roundup. And What to do with toilet paper tubes including a transplant alternative for seedlings.

Making a little girls canopy is going in my project file for after we finish the bedroom ceiling in the Princess' bedroom. Such a cute easy project!

One of many new quilting/sewing RSS feeds I am getting is Moda Bake Shop. Yummy!

And thanks to How About Orange for posting the link to Sproost Now I know my design style & why I can NEVER find anything I like LOL! I was equal parts Mountain Lodge & Nantucket with a little Wine Country thrown in to confuse things a little more!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where does the time go?

It's already March 1st & I'm still wondering what happened to January...

So much for slowing down & enjoying life's little moments!

Both kids have been sick, so I am starting the spring cleaning early. Started yesterday in the Princess' room. I also removed a bunch of "baby" toys she was holding on to. It worked much better that they both went to a movie with the Granny! I can get so much more cleaned out when they aren't here!

Flylady just wrapped up the 1st 2009 Super Fling Boogie. I submitted 250 pounds, not a large chunk of the Million pounds flung, but not bad for us. Most of it was clothing and stuff from the kids, we donate everything to my Hubby's employer (soup kitchen, food pantry, homeless shelter, used goods store). I did do a brief kitchen clear out. I had some things that were in the back of the pantry & figured I'd never use, since I didn't miss them!

We're still keeping the insurance company hopping here, March isn't any less hectic than Jan or Feb. I have 3 appointments, one being an outpatient operation. We're gonna have the swollen node taken out of my neck (at least we're calling it a node). It didn't really show up on a CT scan, but the Dr. said if it was her she'd want it out & I agree! No reason to leave it there so it turns into a problem. I go back to the GI on the 3rd, I guess we go on to step 2, since the colonoscopy ended up being unhelpful.

I have managed to stick some money into the EF, but our vehicle is not cooperating at all. We went to pick it up from the shop yesterday only to make it 4 miles & have the front left spring break destroying the tire. The shop is picking up the tab, because clearly they damaged it during the tow. Next time I'll pay for my regular mechanic to come get it, even if it costs. He would have been more careful, since he has already replaced that spring once for us, ah the Windstar, if I had only known.

We are patiently waiting for our tax refund to arrive, then we will start looking for a newer vehicle. Something built in the 2000s would be fine with me! I'd like to pick up a beater car & an extended cab truck of some kind. The hubs & I may only work 6 blocks apart, but our schedules are SO different that we really need to drive separately.

I really need to do better posting here, I've managed to keep up with Lisa's Cookbook daily. Of course the "schedule post" tool is most helpful with that! I've been browsing more & more sewing/quilting blogs looking for inspiration. I will be sewing a few quilts this year & I'm searching for ideas, colors, motivation & advice! What I should be doing is organizing my stash of fabric to see what I need and what I already have for the things I need to sew.

I am going to make at least 4 quilts for Christmas gifts & now I am going to be a Great Aunt in October, so I'll have to hurry up on that one! I shouldn't have to spend much on fabrics, maybe backing & batting but the time investment is huge! Of course if I keep saying I'm GOING to do it & I don't start soon it'll be November before I know it...