Thursday, July 24, 2008

13 Things I've learned about gardening

This is our first cucumber and the reason why I will plant lots more beans next year.

1. Plant more beans, 10 plants is not enough to fill a quart size freezer bag.

2. When starting seeds, label the containers better. I have a pumpkin where a cucumber is supposed to be (and vice versa). Or just avoid help from small people...

3. Start tomato seeds at least a month before you think you should, no matter what the package says. Ours are about a month behind, although the ones that self seeded in the garden I had them in last year are already fruiting... I'm thinking End of January for next year!

4. Newspaper and straw(hay) make good mulch, but landscape fabric is the only thing that will BLOCK all the weeds. And I HATE pulling weeds.

5. Newspaper, pizza boxes and hay help with the weeds. And make great mulch. Although my dad says we'll regret it next year when we have MORE weeds, I told him I didn't think that was possible...

6. Watermelon plants don't like to be extremely wet, or transplanted. Only one survived transplanting and all 5 that sprouted in the lower "wet" garden died.

7. Homegrown cucumbers taste so much better than store bought.

8. I don't know how to grow spinach, I think it needed to be colder when I sowed the seeds, but who knows!

9. If you want to make a tepee out of pole beans for your kids, more than 8 plants need to be planted. Think next year I'll try 20. Oh, and the rabbits will find them and eat at least one.

10. That the mesh fencing my hubby bought for no GOOD reason makes a great fence, it just looks really unattractive.

11. Cleosia (Pampas Plume)which is an annual flower will self seed, at least it did for me! And in the most inconvenient places! I left it thinking that if it was a weed it was pretty with it's reddish leaves, but then the flower spikes appeared, who knew!

12. That no matter what the internet says you cannot prune a wisteria in the early spring. I think I hacked off all the flower buds. Of course I didn't know what I was looking for to avoid it. *** I spotted a new flower last night, so that makes 3 clusters for 2008!***

13. That cardboard and drywall pieces covered with all our fall leaves do not breakdown as readily as I read they would, at least not if you have a light winter. Also, picking out pieces of drywall after tilling is not a fun thing!

Oh the things I've done to increase the organic content of my sandy flower bed!!! I'm sure I'll have learned more by the end of the season, once the other plants start producing.

We have tons of cucumber buds, even the Lemon cukes are budding like crazy. The pumpkins have started as well. I hope we get at least 5 of those to make it to October!

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