Friday, July 4, 2008

Dishwasher Detergent Experiment

I was asked to test some dishwasher detergents by email. So I said sure why not, I run the thing at least once a day...

I was shocked to get 2 full size bottles delivered UPS. So weird.

Well anyways, my usual brand is Electrosol, but I use the tabs with the jet dry ball. I don't use the jet dry dispenser in my dishwasher.

First up I tried the Electrosol liquid. We packed the dishwasher as usual, filled both soap cups to the top & then ran on the normal cycle without heated drying.

Result: I wasn't as happy with it as I usually am with the tablets the glassware didn't come as clean as I'm used to. That said it wasn't bad and probably if I was able to us the jet dry dispenser things might be different.

Second I tried the Cascade, which was the one recommended in the original email. I didn't care for their "gel packs" they left pieces in my dishwasher which clogged my sprayer. I filled the dishwasher as usual. filled the cups & ran on normal.

Result: There wasn't much difference between the two as far as clean went. It worked just as well as the Electrosol did. I never dreamed I'd end up with a tie! The Cascade smelled better, if that counts for anything.

Overall: I think I'll stick with my over priced tablets with jet dry. At least until I get the dishwasher replaced or the recalled part fixed.

***Note: other than the product I was given I received not payment for my review, or was swayed one way or the other (obviously!)***

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