Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Princess' new room

We decided to move the Princess' stuff into our old bedroom. Now she has enough room for all her toys (minus the 3 shopping bags of trash I removed) and bedroom stuff.

We still need to wire for an overhead fixture (fan I think) and finish the ceiling but it will be much better than what she had. And it's not like her stuff is so big that it would be hard to work around when we get to that project!

I am certain that the girl has more pairs of shoes now that they are all lined up on my old shoe rack (that I was able to share with my hubby, ok he had room for 2 pairs but still).

I am also proud of the fact that everything fits into the space she has, plus there is still room in the locking closet for more, once we get that stuff cleared out. Right now it is housing an open box of ceiling tiles, 2 baby gates & a tote full of clothes for the Princess to grow into.

She has plenty of floor space to play on & dance around! Bonus for me, no more carpet, so when she sneaks food in there and is messy I'll only have to sweep it up. In her old room I'd have to squeeze into the spot where she'd drop food and have to use the attachments to try to get it all out, ewww.



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