Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tackel it Tuesday #15

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is the way things happen around here...
1. The side porch is piled with stuff from over the winter and the bathroom remodel.
a. we must clean out the garage before we can put the stuff from the porch away.
b. we must clean out the shed to clean out the garage
c. we must get rid of more leftover junk (previous home owners left us lots!)

It kind of feels like "If you give a mouse a cookie" doesn't it!

So this project is well under way. We emptied the shed and garage. In the process I sorted all the "bits" that were in various cans, boxes, drawers, buckets and bins. Of course I picked the HOTTEST day last week to do this out in the sun, so it took a while. We hung a shelf to put the misc containers on (sorted of course) and hung the bin sorter we've had for ages.

The red shed is now gardening and kids storage. We re-purposed a desk from the garage as a potting bench. All my flats, tools and containers are in there. The larger tools are hung on the wall. The kids bikes, scooters, sports equipment is all in there now.

The garage is organized with a work table (this REALLY all started because we needed the table for the yard sale, what a mess!) that is cleared off except for 2 projects. Doll beds that need bottoms and a wagon that needs new wheels.

When all was said and done we took a truck load to the dump, it's ages to big trash day here & our regular pickup won't take that much. But in the trash was part of the bathroom wall, 2 bike frames, 2 old hammocks, 1 old hammock frame, a broken hot fudge warmer, a screen tent (not ours), a small spool of coax cable (not even the spool was worth keeping)(also not ours), 6 bags of garbage from around the garage (all kinds, broken things, leaves, etc), and an old shower curtain rod (the not adjustable kind).

We tossed one large box of burnables on the fire pit.

The best part is that if I go to the garage looking for a nail or a screw to hang something I know exactly where they are!

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