Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At 8 AM you'll find me...

Planted on my couch watching Charmed. I'm not sure how it happened or when but I am now addicted. And to make it worse they are 2 hour blocks. At least this time I started at the beginning, so maybe I can stop watching once I have seen to the end. If it were just me I'd think it was ... well, just me, but my hubby can't miss an episode now either. I think it's like one of those Lifetime movies that just sucks you in.

I can say the whole witchcraft thing isn't what I'm into, it's violent at times & creepy but it has us hooked like trout!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Mommy gets paid thinks I'm an "Excellent" blogger! Goodness, I don't feel excellent! Now I have so much expectation to live up to... I'll have to tag the blogs on my list later, right now I have to go kid sit!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Links

12 Things I learned by 42 that I wish I knew at 22
Great article, I can totally agree on the MLM advise. Not all are bad, but once we got out of ours & did some research from the "other side" we realized the road we had been on was thinly paved over a sink hole... Or that's the polite way of putting it. We got out apparently right before the whole thing headed south. I can only imagine the spin that the "leaders" were trying to put on things. While we were able to take healthy business deductions we never made any kind of a profit, we just spent a lot of money we didn't have on things I'm still finding buried in boxes, all touted as "tools".

I've also half heartedly attempted a "party" based business, unless you have a lot of friends already into the product it's hard to get started. Plus due to my previous experiences all the "rah-rah" stuff was lost on me!

The Pros & Cons of working at Home I agree on the points of commute expenses & distractions. There is always laundry to be done & now that we are both working from home the distractions are endless!!! Because there is always something to be done around the house (the bathroom for example). We are in the process of moving the office back upstairs so the person working won't be distracted by the kids.

10 Things to do Today. Great List of things to focus on!

Money Saving Saturday, I didn't go to CVS this week. I should have because there were some great deals to be had & I am out of ECBs, but I just didn't get there. We went to Home Depot & Walmart instead, had to buy the Prince some new soccer gear, darn those growing kids! My sister got the deals of the week 2 skirts at Old Navy for $2 each, I bow to her!!!

No Bake Cookies I've never made these without the cocoa powder. Sounds like a yummy treat, just in case you're out of cocoa!

Homemade Valentines day cards craft for Kids look like a fun afternoon project. I bought cards on clearance last year for the kids & the kids I watch already bought theirs, but just in case you are behind... I think we'll adapt these for some kind of St. Patrick's or Easter Project, even May Day flowers would be cute!

Friday, February 1, 2008

January Goals Recap

1. Budget our money better. Well we are pretty much caught up on bills for the month, we are only putting off the water until next week's pay check.

2. Pay down our debt. We made the $120 payment, the other $80 went to catch up on the electric bill. So January = $200. But I am left with a -1.33 cash balance in my IRA due to a terrible stock deal (not my doing, reorganization left me with 1/2 a share & I got hit with a $20 fee from TD). We also got my first babysitting $, so that helped!

3. Use savings, rebates & misc found money to fund our emergency fund. I have finally received a couple rebate checks (including the one for my stand mixer) We will deposit them into the savings account next time we are at the bank. I also have a stack just waiting for postage.

4. Blog daily. Obviously I haven't been posting daily, but I've blogged a bit!

5. Work on one DIY project everyday. Well it hasn't been EVERY day, but we have been busy! Just installed new ducting to the upstairs. We are on track to be up there by spring.

6. Do better at cards to friends & family.
Not even close, I so stink with this!!!

7. Focus on MYO (make your own) mixes and grocery items. I've done better at this, breads, pie, cookies. The only snacks we bought all month were fruit, crackers & chips. Oh yeah & the Timbits (donut holes) from Tim Horton's. Thanks to my neighbor I am now addicted... I also need to add take out expense into my next project budget. After sanding cutting & installing all day there was no one left to cook! Or I need to plan better & crockpot.

8. Eliminate more clutter., I am doing better with the toys & clothes. I have taken a trash bag or two out of the kids rooms. Plus I have a box for donation. My next tackle is my laundry room/pantry. This will also be prep to re do the floor & paint the walls in there.