Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Street Science School Stuff

I must be on a back to school kick!

These came in the mail about a week (or so) ago. The Prince has been checking them out, LOVES THEM! There is more info at Street Science.

The camo composition notebook is cool! It's hard to believe they even make the old black and whites anymore, I'd had to have had this one!

The blue print one the 1 subject is of a turntable! It has a pocket for storage, very heavy cover and the coolest thing is there is a blurb about the cover on the inside!

From the PR company ~ While tweens and teens alike will be totally excited about being able to express their creativity and individuality, all while making the ultimate fashion statement, they'll also be taking part in a greater cause and joining the start of a major educational movement! Street Science not only educates youth through style, design and the pursuit of knowledge but also promotes academic improvement in an effort to decrease the escalating drop out rate within the public school system s . This September Street Science will launch the Street Science Foundation and a portion of all school supplies purchased will go back into the foundation to help keep kids in and interested school.~

I'm not sure where they will be available but I hope they will be where I shop!

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