Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Carnival of the Recipes

Readable Feast has hosted this weeks carnival.  The theme is It's a Small World, kid recipes.  My crab cake casserole may not be the most kid friendly food, but it sure was yummy & who can resist the Sponge Bob specialty references!!!  I bet if I had used the cheaper fake crab my kiddos wouldn't have been able to eat enough of it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Straight Edge, Inc. - Review Updated

I wrote -Straight Edge Inc. Review in July. I just wanted to update on the status of the products. We are still using the beach place mat, but the "set the table" place mat had to go. I'm not sure what poked the hole but it started taking on water :(. I guess that's the problem with laminated place mats!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Make it from Scratch

Make it from Scratch - Autumn Edition is hosted over at Nini Makes. I haven't posted a project since the pepperoni bread, guess I'd better get my behind posting!!!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

CVS - actual

Ended up taking hubby with, and that never makes things go smoothly!  Plus my neighbor asked me to pick some stuff up for her after she saw the ad.   So I rang her medicine up first & used the $10 ECB towards mine.  She doesn't have an extra care card yet & was really happy with the sale prices, plus she doesn't "actually" pay for it!

I got my DM, Motrin, child Motrin, Dayquil, Tylenol cold, Advil C&S, Dimetapp $48.50 - $23 = $25.50, Not bad I had a coupon I couldn't use (it was a sneaky 2 for) & I forgot 1 so it should have been $3.50 less if I had planned it better.

The second checkout was ok, they were out of a couple things I wanted.  And you know they look at you weird when you buy that much medicine at once, but the sales were good & obviously I had planned this trip!  I just told the clerk that I have 2 kids & cold season is coming why wouldn't I stock up?

I got the Pantene 3/$12, Irish Spring 2  3packs for $3.98, Bounty 8 pack $6.49, Dove Shampoo 2 for $9.98, Dove facial cleanser $4.99, Dove Deodorant $3.49, 2 Dawn dish soap for $1.98 (because they were out of the Puffs), Colgate toothpaste B1G1F $2.79, I had to add girl stuff & hubby bought a 12 pack for an extra $13.58 that wasn't in the original plan.  So $59.28 - $18 =  $41.28 + tax $45.17

We didn't grab the razors, and I decided the cling wrap wasn't something I needed to have, really want the press 'n seal but that wasn't on sale.

Total =  $70.67 out of pocket plus I came home with $12 in ECBs so we were over $14.17 over, hmmm could that be the beer & extras!!!

I decided to skip Rite Aid, completely the other direction from where we were last night.  I'll see what they have in next weeks ads tomorrow!

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Is it possible...

that my baby boy is too grown up for me to shop here for Christmas gifts... ;-(

"You can't organize clutter" Friday

"Do not give up the valuable real estate in your home to clutter. If you do not love it, use it or need it, let if
go!" Today's Kelly-ism (from FlyLady

My goal today is to get through two 27 Fling boogies in my zone (Front porch, dinning room, entry areas) and one in the living room & one outside (my Friday zones).

Also the October habit builder is paper clutter, if I can clear up the paper clutter my rooms will be much "cleaner" looking!

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Next store stop Rite Aid

This week there are some really good B1G1F offers plus a couple of Single Check Rebates I'll be taking advantage of...

Colgate Toothpaste B1G1F - $1 coupon

Colgate Toothbrushes B1G1F - $1 coupon

Act Mouthwash 2/$7 - $1coupon = $1 single check rebate

Crest Pro Health night rinse $4.99 - $1.50 coupon = $2.99 rebate

Advil Maximum Strength $3.99 = $3.99 rebate

Cheez-Its 2x $1.99 - $1 coupon

PeptoBismal 2x$3.99 - $1

Speed Stick 2x2.99 - $1

Purex B1G1F Laundry 

Miller Lite 30 Pack $15.99 + Deposit $1.80

Crest Pro Health toothpaste $3.29 - $1 coupon = $2.29 rebate

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse & Powder B1G1F - $3 coupons

Crystal Lake Spring Water $0.79/gallon x 4 = $3.16

Not sure of the totals here but this rounds out my stock up list plus nets a rebate of $10.27

I also forgot to mention in the CVS post that if you sign up for email notices at the website (using your extra care card) you get an extra $4 EBC on $20 purchase so after that my out of pocket will be $62! Woohoo!

CVS - the forgotten EBC

***Updated, I found some better coupons on the web!

I have had an extra care card for years but I guess I've never thought of using it on a regular basis. Until I read Money Saving Mom's articles on CVS savings. Our ad doesn't have any free with extra care bucks this week, but I managed to make a list that will only cost me $66 + tax out of pocket.

My list includes a bunch of those winter cold medicines I need to restock the medicine chest anyways. SO lets break down the plan...

In the Pharmacy purchase

Tylenol Sore throat/ Cold liquid $5 - $1 coupon

Motrin 100 ct $9 - $1 coupon

Child's Motrin 5.50 - $1 coupon

Children's Tylenol Cold $6 - $1

NyQuil Daytime $6 - $1.50 coupon

Advil Cold & Sinus $4 - $2 coupon


Robitussin Liquid $6 -$3 coupon


Dimetapp Liquid Children's $7 - $2 coupon


$48.50 before coupons - $12.50 coupons - $4 EBC from website = $32.00 Plus $20 in Extra Care Bucks I can use for the rest of my trip

Puffs Tissues 6x.99 = 6 - $1 coupon

Pantene Pro-V 3/$12 - $1 coupon

Bounty 8 pk $6.49 - $1 coupon

Dove Hair Care x 2 (approx $9) - $1.50 coupon

Dove Deodorant $3.49 - $1 coupon

Dove Facial Cleanser $4.99 - $1.50 coupon

Irish Spring 3 packs 2x$1.99 -$1 coupon = $2 EBC

Glad Cling Wrap $2.50

B1G1F CVS Disposable Razors approx $4

$52.50 - $8 = $44.50 - $20 EBC from Pharmacy = $24.50 + $12+ in EBC for my next trip

So $56.50 out of pocket = $101 product + $12+ in EBC to use next trip Plus my medicine chest gets refilled & we are ready for the upcoming cold season!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life Lesson...d'oh!

When you are living at your means or slightly above it is easy to put off paying bills until they demand attention, oh like say a water bill.  They come every 3 months & aren't really that "bad"  ours for the entire house (3 bathrooms, nonstop laundry & dishwasher, plus an apartment) only figures to be $71 a month.  not bad, except it's one that gets forgotten until it is $547 + change... oops, am I bad???

Lesson learned = pay bill on time because if you don't the Village you pay an extra $1000 a year in taxes to live in will charge you an extra $155 to turn your water back on... GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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Garage Lighting

I realized the other day that we have poor garage lighting. The only things in there are 2 incandescent bulbs & I'm pretty sure one needs a new bulb! There is a 4 foot fluorescent unit, but I don't think it is plugged in. I think hubby brought it up from the basement (another poorly lit dungeon).

We need more task specific lighting. There is a long table that we are using as a workbench that has no overhead lighting at all. Makes it really hard to see what you are doing. There are a few windows in there at least. One is a full size normal window & the others are in the overhead doors.

I'd consider a solar light, but with our days getting shorter & shorter it wouldn't help at all with those pesky winter evening projects. Plus our garage is detached, so we even need to upgrade our exterior lighting. Of course the whole garage needs updating not just the garage lighting. The doors are falling apart, of course they are ancient wood doors, the roof is in fair condition & the center support beam, err, well... has no support!

I'd love to flick the switch & be bathed in light, I can say the same for our house. Apparently at some point cave trolls lived here... light is scarce & hard to find!

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September Goals Update

1. Teaching kids about $ - I seem to be making some progress in this area, especially with their birthday's coming up soon. The Prince is trying to ask for things he really wants/needs instead of everything he sees a commercial for. I have been slacking in paying their allowances lately, it's not really fair to them, but it's not like they want for much!

2. Saving $ - Well buying the car has made it impossible to set aside much at all. Thankfully hubby has $ going into his 401K & a Savings account out of his check. Plus back to school expenses, tuition, photos, lunch, etc... My ING account has gone backwards, took some out to fund our new checking account, hopefully now that they are linked I'll be able to put it back & add to it regularly.

3. Organizing - "You can't organize clutter." I keep telling myself that every room I am in! My "foolishness" is starting to shrink (Clean House on Style). We are cleaning out all the "clutter" & trying to only leave what we use, love or need. I am in process of clearing our front room out, we are going to move the table in there after I finish ripping up the carpet. Plus it is a Super Fling month on FlyLady, so we are decluttering in each zone. As soon as I'm done with this article I am off for a 27 Fling Boogie.

4. Exercise & weight - Don't get me started... Still haven't lost a pound, but the clothes are getting looser & looser. Considering trying on a 14W next time I go to the store, just to see.

5. Creative Time - I still have multiple unfinished projects, tooth pillow, mixer cover, tote bag, quilt... I will get them done soon, I will.

6. Bed time for the Princess - We will get back on schedule this week, we have been overwhelmed with the back to school thing & our unseasonably warm weather, the kids have been pushing play time to the limits & soon enough it'll be icky, so we've let them!

7. Emergency kits - I organized the first aid kit & have a list for this weeks shopping trip of medicines & supplies so we will be set for winter weather! I also need to pick up some flashlight batteries & a couple new flashlights (new car, new supplies!).

8. Routines - WE fell into our back to school morning routine easily enough, even with have to get both ready for school 2 days a week. It the before bed we've had problems with, but we'll get it together soon.

I haven't been tracking expenses lately & with hubby buying a lot of our food from work it's been hard to keep track of. All I know is that I have 2 freezers full of food! I am going to clean out the fridge a little at a time this week, lots of scary leftovers in there at the moment...

Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1st????

The month of September went by in a blur! A blur of early mornings, late evenings, arguing about homework, almost daily baths/showers, bills and ignoring the budget.

WE got totally upside down this month, which stinks because it is going to take another month to get right side up again. Started with the washer breaking, $92 later I am back to abusing my GE! We bought a used car & had to fix it up & put it on the road. A much needed expense, but an expense none the less. And my poor van is still sitting at the repair shop, I'm not sure if it's because we can't pay the almost $1000 bill or if the mechanic really doesn't feel like tackling the huge project! Unfortunately for him we are wanting it fixed. I was so discouraged earlier in the week I had considered cutting our losses & sell it for scrap or a project car. But hubby told me that if we put this $ into it, we'd be able to trade it in for full book value by the end of the year (or shortly after). So I am trying to look at it as a win win, either way I will finally have my soccer mom vehicle back & we'll be back to a 2 vehicle family!!! Progress!

We are still trying to sell our concession trailer. I think that if it doesn't sell locally in the next month I'm going to list it on Ebay. Everyone around here is looking to haul their motorcycles & snowmobiles, it is just too finished for that!

We opened a checking account attached to our TD Ameritrade account. I missed checks so much! It was convenient, they arrived just in time for school pictures & a PTA fundraiser (cookboks). The account earns interest, plus it isn't one for everyday use, so we won't be using a ton of checks just more checks for things I would have used cash for in the past (like the MIA school book order from last Christmas...). Which means that the $ will actually earn interest! Woohoo!

Other progress an the home front, we had a tree taken down (our unexpected expense, he just showed up and started cutting, he was supposed to come & tell us when we were on the schedule, oops). It was old & wasn't ever going to fall in the direction we wanted it to, and it wasn't nearly as expensive as I've heard from others. I can't imagine having to pay $2500 to have a tree taken down, we are spoiled it only cost us $400.

That's about it, I'll have to go over the goals and do an end of Summer wrap up! Maybe after dinner :D.