Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Parade of Events

Yesterday we washed two vehicles and cleaned them inside and out, so most of my list didn't get completed, started, just not finished. I'm ok with that though because my VAN LIVES!!! We traded the old car for the towing and $ off the repairs of the van. So I have my van back, after 11 months of waiting. We took it to a different mechanic and a week later & for $500 less it is on the road! WooHoo. So after sitting in a weedy lot for 11 months I needed to clean the van inside and out. Plus my brother is taking the Blazer we've been borrowing to Canada later today, so I washed it & vacuumed that up (not really for him, but my kids are messy in vehicles).

~Summer Rec for boy
~Dishes, sink & dishwasher
~Hamster still MIA
~Weed garden (this is a new daily chore, yuck!)
~Pick beans
~Dinner is pizza at Baseball awards
~hubby off to job interview

Never made it upstairs to declutter the bedroom yesterday
~Spend 15 minutes decluttering zone 4 (master bedroom)
~Zone 4 mission - 15 minutes attacking the clothes pile
~Zone 4 mission (Wed) - clear off the nightstands

clear off and wipe down counters. (finish, got this started yesterday)
Vacuum up flour I left it for an extra day but I'm tired of the icky mess.

Calls -
Dr.s office to get the Prince a football physical before the 11th. OF course they scheduled the group ones tonight during the baseball awards.

Lisa K

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