Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Taste of Freedom

The Prince is going to reading camp for two weeks. Wednesday they meet at the library. We are only about a 5 minute (or so) walk to there. So I told him he could walk all by himself, after all he is 8 and a HALF.

I sure it was harder on us, but he said he was a little nervous after he left the house. I sent him with my cell phone. We even made him dial our house number before he left just to make sure he could. I had to send him with a note saying it was OK for him to walk home. It took him about 7 minutes to make the walk. The best part was the determined way he took off down the sidewalk. Made me start humming "Send me on my way" in my head! LOL!!!

This was a big step for him & us. Up until now we were holding him back, not wanting to "let him go" but I realized that he can't stay little forever. And he will be playing football in the fall & weighs in at 89 pounds. So it was probably past time!

Now the next step will be walking to Granny's house it's just a little further than the library, but a straight walk!!!

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