Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally - progress! - cleaning up my drafts!!!

I am cleaning up my drafts section & found some floating posts, so I'll be posting them this week!!!

We have finally put up the siding to finish our living room window project. Don't get me started on the interior trim... The siding is up. If it stays warm enough this week it will be painted & then I can say that the exterior portion of that repair will be complete!

We decided to replace instead of change the siding. So instead of putting up something new & different we just matched (sort of) what was there.

We used a type of cement board. We purchased 16 foot lengths. I caulked the joints and exposed nails. We primarily used a hidden nail installation method, but some locations that just wasn't possible, or since we were installing over some areas of old siding we hadn't removed just wasn't working!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making Money Online - Update

I haven't been doing very much in the way of internet or affiliate marketing lately, but it has been trickling in.

Google Adsense - I'm not sure if the "blogging the recession," clicking through helped me all that much, since I don't get paid per page view in any way. But, I do try to click on adsense ads when I visit. On my account - I am so close to getting my first Google check, I think by June it should be on it's way!

Inbox Dollars - It took a very long time to get a check, mostly because I only read emails. I do my shopping through MyPoints. The check came last week minus a $3 handling fee, the $27s went into my bank account!!!

MyPoints is sending me two $10 gift cards, that makes 5 for 2009! I've redeemed points for TJMaxx, JC Penney, and Wal-Mart cards.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Square Foot Garden

Square Foot Kitchen Garden Planner

My garden is still lacking a very important essential... dirt! My Father's dump truck had an issue, now the loader is waiting for a part. Good thing I still have a couple weeks before it will be really safe to plant outside!

I was given this to pass on by Lissaloo.

The rules for this one are as follows-

I must post the award on my blog
List seven personality traits of mine
Pass the award to seven other bloggers - Feel free to participate, there's no way I could choose 7!!!

1- A little OCD - if this made me a neat freak it would be great. Instead it makes me a S.H.E - Sidetracked Home Executive. My obsession with organizing usually leads to huge messes & me giving up because I don't have what I "need" to finish. They say admitting you have a problem is halfway to a cure right???

2-Passive Aggressive - My hubby likes this trait, NOT! It's usually made worse by lack of sleep or hormone changes.

3- Stubborn - I am an OX & a Capricorn, it's very fitting!

4- Dedicated - I am usually not wishy-washy. I've had my views changed but it's usually after long debate & consideration!

5- Friendly & Outgoing or Quiet - These are from hubby. I guess I can be both depending on the situation! (or the number of drinks)

6- Obnoxious - "I'm obnoxious" is my favorite line from "Finding NEMO"

7- Dorky - I am into SciFi and all things my sister says makes me a dork!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all you Mom's have a wonderful Sunday! I am taking my Mom to a chicken BBQ for lunch & then hopefully spending the day relaxing. We'll see. I somehow doubt I'll manage to just "relax" all day!

Garden - One of the Wisteria vines I planted the spring after we bought the house finally bloomed all over! It is amazing to sit on the porch & look at it!!!

The other vine is still a couple weeks behind, I hope I didn't lose it.

Other News:

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