Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Parade of Events 7-25

We are having friends over tonight so we are in crisis cleaning mode! It's not so bad, but still disheveled from the hamster search. We haven't given up, but the probability of his return is low. My biggest fear is that he managed to join up with the troupe of chipmunks that torment us and have an elaborate tunnel system in our back yard.

~Laundry (always)
~Dinner - Friends are bringing, I'm not supposed to make anything, I'm sure I'll find something to make
~Room Rescues, one room at a time (I might play the flylady crisis cleaning podcast for motivation
~Sweep front & side porches
~clear off outdoor tables (toys and cups from the kids)
~find seating
~set up fire pit
~vacuum DR rugs
~clear surfaces in the house, put stuff AWAY
~Make PB bread for football bake sale, if I start now I'll have a few done by Saturday to drop off.
~zone 4 declutter 15 minutes
~zone 4 mission - re make your bed, but I don't wash sheets until Monday again, so I'll probably find something else!

Lisa K

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