Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What not to buy for Mother's Day

Or more appropriately a note to my hubby, let's hope he's reading!

I am pretty sure that there are Mom's out there who would maybe want a new vacuum for Mother's Day, but there are rules... it shouldn't be a cheap $42 number that's gonna give her more head aches than help, right? Right! (nod head now)

Great Gift Ideas For Mom - although the boy did expess interest in the "non-powered" Dirt Devil my Grandma has, not having to vacuum as much myself, not a bad gift idea...

Again, there are probably more than a few who would disagree with me on this one too, but I'm not gonna be happy if I wake up to a man inspired beast of a grill, unless it comes with a written contract stating that the giver will be cooking on said beasty 4 out of 7 nights a week...
11% off The Grill and Cooler Combo

How about some flowers - Shop Mother’s Day Flowers from $23 at, but you know I'd prefer plants, even indoor ones would be great!

or maybe something from Overstock - Find something Mom wants only at

I'd LOVE a MP3 Player - Only at mobiBLU 1 GB Cube Digital Audio Player, $129.72

or how about some new porch furniture, because you know how much I love the white wicker stuff that's out there now...
Wal-Mart: Three-piece patio sets from $89.86

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