Friday, April 27, 2007

Frugal Friday #8

Oh my am I behind!

My tip for today (since I need to go clean out the fridge) is what to do with leftovers so you or your family will eat them...

My favorite use for leftover chicken or steak is Quesadillas:
Dinnertime Quesadillas from Kraft is a good basic recipe. I use whatever cheese & veggies I have on hand as well.

Leftover meat is also good on salads & in soups. I have been caught adding leftover chicken to a can of Chicken noodle soup. Toss in some canned carrot slices & maybe some extra noodles & you can hardly tell it came from a can to begin with!

I also go the casserole route with leftovers. If I can toss it in a baking dish add a can of condensed soup, water, rice and cheese we are set!

Sometimes I toss leftover veggies in a bag in the freezer, occasionally I remember to use them in my soups, before they are frozen beyond recognition!

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