Friday, April 6, 2007

Blogger Choice Awards 2007

The blogger awards are coming! Winners will be announced June 2nd at PostieCon in Orlando Florida. The opp read that voting is only through the end of March, but I am guessing that is a type-o considering it is already April 6th & they are still taking nominations & voting is open.

I'm not going to PostieCon, but I can't wait to hear who the winners are... I'll be on pins & needles until June 2nd, I just know it! I hope someone I "know" wins something.

The categories are neat like the "Best Food Blog," "Hottest Mommy Blogger," & my favorite "Worst Blog of all Time." Too funny!

I have a feeling I am going to be spending hours going through & reading all the nominations. I'll have to look & see if anyone I read regularly was nominated. I also have to wonder why Cass Knits was nominated for the Worst Blog of All Time... unless she nominated her self, which sounds like something I would do!!! It reads like a really good knitting blog! I wouldn't nominate myself in my own category, that's too obnoxious...maybe I should be the Most Obnoxious Blogger, no I'm sure there are worse out there!!!

I am still waiting for my email verification so I can go vote, not sure what happened to it, it didn't go to my junk file, just lost in cyber-space I guess! Not sure how I can log in then, guess I'll have to attempt to sign up using a different email & see if that works any better!

I have seen lots of badges up at some of the blogs I visit, so make sure you are clicking & sharing the love out there! Never know next time it could be you!!!

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