Friday, April 20, 2007

Home Security Frugal or Not, You Decide

PowerLinx Announces Groundbreaking New Audio and Video Products for 2007

Let’s start with the coolest home security system I’ve seen in a while! Secure View is security made easy. If you can screw in a light bulb you can install this security system. Because all you need is the “screw in” light bulb camera & the decoder. It seems to operate using the wires in your house! They have indoor & outdoor models available. I think they are a steal at $129.99 which includes 1 light bulb & 1 decoder.

Coming soon in 2007 is their IP net Cam, which uses your homes wiring to allow you to monitor the streaming video from up to 8 different cameras. All you do is plug the companion Ethernet bridge into any electrical outlet, and connect to your network or cable modem. It sounds like the plug & play ability of the software would even allow me to be able to install it. For the price of $249.99 I’m not sure how frugal it is, but it is certainly less than my homeowners deductible. This product is coming in July. They will also be offering new audio & video equipment, including a device that will let you transmit MP3/ipod or PC music to any room using your existing wiring.

I’m not sure you can put a price tag on good quality home security & not everyone can afford to pay for around the clock monitoring. I know even in our small township we have had several break-ins during the day & while the homeowners were home. I have been locking my doors more because of it, but I’d feel that much safer if I could monitor the outside while I’m in! I think it would be great to monitor the kids outside as well. We have several blind spots & not that I’d ever let them go outside un-attended for long, it would be nice to be able to get the dishes done while they played safely in the sandbox once in a while!

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