Saturday, April 14, 2007

Frugal Friday #5

I am a day late!

My frugal tip of the day is probably more for us country folk, unless you have a little bit of garden in the city.

I compost, there I said it, we are a composting family.

A few years ago we picked up a compost bin & ever since we use it to dispose of any not-meat waste. Of course it is primarily coffee grounds, banana peels & egg shells, sometimes I do have to toss older fruits & veggies, peels & scraps. This coupled with the fact that we save everything paper to be burned in the furnace & potty training is complete we are down to a small bag a week for trash. We also throw yard clippings in there when we have them & every fall it gets filled to the brim with leaves (we have way more leaves than we do room in the bin!)

Thankfully we switched to a garbage pick up that recycles so we aren't throwing away the 3 milk gallons or 2 juice bottles we use every week .

The best part, I get rich compost for my garden, for FREE!!! Can't beat free, frugal & green all at the same time!

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