Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday is here

It was pointed out to me that yesterday I was just a little on the whinny side!!! Sorry! I really didn't mean for it to be whinny, just a general update on what has been going on here.

5 Days to go. Hubby is off to his Dr. appointment, not sure what they are going to do with his foot, guess I'll know when he comes home. Hopefully they'll give him a real cast, the air cast is more of a pain than a help, plus just try to get him to stay off of it... We are going to be really entertaining when we are old & have walkers...

I go back to the Dr. on May 3rd for the swollen lymph node thing. Hubby thinks I'm dying & has everytime I have any symptom of anything at all. He complains when his Dad does it to his Mom, but doesn't see he does it to me too & I am at least 40 years younger.... HUGE difference!!! I guess it's just how he is.

I have a huge list of things to do today:
Make Bread
Write something to publish!!! (Associated Content)
Click the monkey (Little Wool Gatherings)
Move a table upstairs so I can sew
Hem 2 pair of pants (bought using gift cards from our tax refund - we used Turbo Tax again)
Check on my $ accounts & my IRA
download the Easter Pics off the camera
put together photos for court (going to have to sue former tenant, hasn't made any effort to pay us for the damages)
Find Budget software on the new computer & set up expenses
find out about insurance (health - DH has through new job, but it is out of state, we'd like to keep our current plan, if possible)
Update my tallies on the side bar here, they are extremely out of date (at least on the coal & groceries!)

Hubby has to
go buy coal, it's still in the 30s here, ewwww
go buy groceries
then rest his foot

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