Sunday, April 15, 2007


I really do love getting comments! Really! It is just that I don't always remember to read them, since I started using the haloscan thing at least so here are some of the more recent...

Are you giving your 3 year old an allowance? I have been toying around with the idea to help her learn the concept of money. I am wondering if it is too soon????
Julie Cutting Back 04.10.07 - 3:20 pm #

I am going to start, once we get everything situated. We are also going to have to give the boy an increase because I am going to expect more from him. I am thinking that I'll give the Princess $3 a week in quarters or change, she likes putting it in the bank. The boy will probably get $5, & extra if he does other jobs.


LOL! I can just imagine what a pain it is to vacuum with a shop vac. I hope you get a replacement belt soon for your regular one.
Donna Crafting Mama 04.11.07 - 10:27 am #

I don't think it would be terrible if it didn't work so well, the nozzle keeps falling off, because it gets stuck on the carpet! Oh well I can rejoice in knowing that the carpet will soon be gone & I will be able to sweep the dirt away, very soon!!!


I just don't know how you keep up with it all! Melissa Little Wool Gatherings

I'm not sure how any Mom does!!! I guess we just keep going & going until we either explode or get a vacation!!! BTW, my lymph node thing isn't really bothering me, but I didn't have any illness that brought it on, so that is the concern, otherwise I feel fine, tired but fine!!!

To all on the Technorati Fave exchange I think I faved everyone from the Frugal Momma site, I still have to check my others to look for new ones! Thank you all! It is really fun to find new sites!

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