Monday, April 23, 2007

New job, for me too???

I have been offered up to hubby‘s new employer like food on a platter! Their food show is May 6th & 7th, and since they need help, dh offered my assistance! So Sunday & Monday I‘ll be doing whatever they decide I am best suited for & helping out. Not sure where they’ll have me, dh finds out his assignment in the next day or two. The kids will be going to my Mom's. Thankfully the boy will have school Monday & has after school math club so it won't be both kids all day for 2 days. It would really stink if there was a freak snow day!!!

I love trade shows. It's probably why he offered me to help. Especially food ones! Who wouldn't, all the food you care to sample… But Home & Outdoor shows are cool too!

We went to a food show last year with our previous food supplier for the ice cream shop. We weren't interested in most of the Trade Show Displays but we managed to sample most of the offerings anyways. And why not, that’s what we were there to do, sample!

I found that I was really attracted to the displays that had color and movement. It was much easier to grab & go the info at some tables, especially if they were busy. Getting time with a rep to ask a question was next to impossible unless they had really specialized items. We were also annoyed by the layout of the show itself, the design seemed to create bottlenecks. It didn't work that they put a paper product distributor at the END of a row next to 2 food vendors. You had to squeeze down the isle to get to the last tables.

Displays you could walk into were nice, but if they were for a popular item were hard to get through. If there was a rep out in front of the booth they were easier to talk to. Most people wanted to be behind the table & talk over it, but the ones that attracted me were reverse. The table to the back with displays & the reps in front seemed most inviting.

It seemed like the longer the vendor had been attending trade shows the better their set up was. I guess there is probably a learning curve & also better funding for the nicer displays is a plus.

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