Friday, April 20, 2007

Frugal Friday Tip #7

My tip for the day is for crafters & artists alike. A "frugal" or "cheap" solution to storage of any flat project requires a trip to your local pizzeria. Pizza boxes, with a little folding, can be perfect for storing anything from quilt blocks, to canvas.

I was introduced to the idea at the sewing store I used to work in, we gave them to students who signed up for a Federation Quilt class. This quilt involved highly elaborate embroidered blocks. Pizza boxes were the best, cheapest solution the owner had.

I also just ran across it here at Organizing Junkie. Laura uses them to store her scrapbooking supplies. Hmmm, I think it has unlimited possibilities, plus they come in multiple sizes.

We didn't have any problem buying a few off the local Pizzeria, but if you do, there are other ways to buy them. I bought a bunch at a local wholesale supply shop, of course we actually put pizzas in them...I bet I have a few left...oh boy PROJECT!

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