Saturday, April 14, 2007

$1K opportunity

Here is a way to make your blogging pay some REAL money! Pay Per Post is announcing 1K Tuesday it started April 3rd & is running until the end of April. It means that they will be releasing a $1000 opportunity to all of their members. No requirements like Page Rank, Alexa Score, etc... So anytime on Tuesday between 12 midnight & 11:59 PM the opp elves at Pay Per Post will release an opportunity worth $1000 to whomever snags it.

I am guessing this is the Great opportunity they had us buzzing about a couple weeks ago. I am a little disappointed that it had nothing to do with Aliens...But anywho $1000 is really awesome!!! At least a little more relevant to my life, than life on another planet. Since Life where I live might as well be on another planet when compared to other places!

This event is sponsored by Zookoda, an email marketing application to get yourblog traffic increased. Sounds really nifty.

I think I am off to check out Zookoda, because it sounds REALLY cool.

***What would Frugal Momma Do with $1000 right now? I'd send $250 to my emergency fund, leave $250 on my card & give the other $500 to hubby so he can get my van running again, woohoo!!!

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