Thursday, April 12, 2007

The countdown begins

And other stupid stuff going on in my life right now...

It is Thursday - Hubby starts his new job Tuesday & so far we are expecting a paycheck Friday, otherwise it won't come until May 4th, that could make things tight...eeek! So we are 6 days away... It may not seem like a HUGE thing to most, but it is going to cause major upheaval here. He has been working 3rd from home for over a year now, of course we had the food shops too, but he took last summer off from the job. Now he will be 8-5 working 45 minutes away. We have no cell phone & at the exact moment no car on the road. The next few days will be challenging to say the least!

To top this event off, hubby broke a bone in his foot 2 days ago. He was carrying the desk chair upstairs & rolled the foot. I sent him to the ER when it started swelling in only one spot, I've sprained before & it swelled EVERYWHERE... so 1 1/2 hours in the ER & an air cast. The instructions he was given said to use crutches, but he wasn't given any or any assistance getting out of the hospital. How does "Stay off of it completely for a few days" translate to "walk yourself to your car with out crutches"... We were able to locate a pair in the family so we didn't have to go buy any, thank goodness!

While annoying, (and painful for him, ~eye rolling~) it wouldn't have been so bad if:

a) It is still cold here & our furnace is still going, it HATES me & I have an impossible time of dealing with it

b)we ran out of coal & had to have a few bags delivered, which means I am lugging 50# bags of coal down our basement stairs, cuz the store dropped them on our porch not outside our basement door, grateful & yet... (ok wouldn't even be worth mentioning, except delivery guy & store partner is hubby's best friend)

c) we are now mid way through taking over the upstairs apartment, I had to haul the file cabinet up by myself & my sewing stuff could be in the basement for a month at least, the next piece of furniture I get to haul (without injuring myself, knocking on wood!) is my old sewing desk. It is heavy & old so it's wood, up 16 stairs with a 180 degree turn, wish me luck!

d)we need to do minor reworking of the plumbing before we can use the bathroom up stairs, we had the gas shut off so no hot water. We are going to reroute the line through our hotwater heater & move the back apartment to the newer tank. So we are getting rid of the ancient hotwater heater (sounds like a jet plane taking off when it runs, creepy).

e)he starts work Tuesday, which means I will only be able to get him to help on weekends, oh wait baseball starts next week, hubby is possibly coaching (on crutches hehehe!) so the 5th Saturday of never I may get him to do the heavy lifting...

f)we decided to get my sewing studio out of the basement (better light, no musty smell) so I can start sewing things to sell. I still haven't figured out what I am doing, but I'll get there!

I think I forgot to discuss the apartment.

We decided a few things that are life changing 1 - we aren't going to rent the front apartment out again, it was the easiest way to get our 2nd bathroom, the kids a playroom, a bigger office & upstairs sewing studio... 2 - We are stuck in this house for at least 5 more years & I am going to be doing that on my terms, don't want another terrible tenant abusing privileges & flooding my house 3 - hubby's new job is going to double our income so we can afford to pay more $ on the mortgage without the rental income, we still have 1 apartment to help out 4 - going from a 3 apartment to a 2 apartment we may be able to lower our insurance premiums (for some reason 3 was where things went up...) So I think the benefits outweighed the cons on this one & now I am burdened with the task of not only completing the transition, but also to make it worth while & make $ from up here (we used the argument that our business was leasing the space to avoid the you can't afford it argument from my parents).

So much to do & so much time spent re-doing my myspace layout this morning...must go do laundry!!!

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