Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Monday, laa laa laa la la laa

The boy is off to school, thankfully we didn't get the nasty stuff, that's all east of us. Hubby starts work tomorrow, yippeee!!! It was kind of nice to not have him heading to the office at 11PM last night. I still think it's gonna take a while to get used to though!

I finished hemming his pants yesterday afternoon, so I don't need to deal with that today. I do need to get them completely ironed though, I do so dislike ironing. Love to do it when I am sewing, pressing, sorry, it isn't ironing if you are pressing... I still have a stack of unfinished projects up here I can work on, but I think I am heading downstairs to clean the living room. It needs a good vacuum & with the shop vac it'll take me awhile. Probably hit the couches too, it's been a couple weeks since they got vacuumed. I hope that it helps them last longer, like they say, but they'd last forever if I didn't have 2 monkeys jumping on them everytime I am out of the room...

I am going to get a menu plan done for this week. I'll be posting it over at Lisa's Cookbook when it's ready. I think I need to go inventory my pantry & freezers though.

Melissa at Little Wool Gatherings is writing a book about pregnancy, she gives us an excerpt & is still looking for stories & ideas to add.

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