Monday, April 9, 2007

2007 Goals - April Update

1. Teaching my kids about money... I think I am failing miserably here, but even the 3 year old seems to understand now that we can't just run out & go to the store whenever they feel like it. We haven't been consistent at all in the allowance thing. Mostly because we haven't tried to be consistent... bad parents!

2. Saving money... Well this is kind of a sticking point for us at the moment. We did put the initial deposit in the savings accounts but we haven't been able to add anything to it. Something in our bank & it's making me crazy... Dh starts a new job in a week & it will be a huge boost in income for us, so I'll have to rework all of our numbers anyways.

3. Organizing... Ok, well the office WAS on it's way to organized, but we decided to not rent out the front apartment & take over the space for our use. I get a sewing studio that actually has natural light & a second bathroom. We have to make minor adjustments to the plumbing before that happens, but it's all good.

4. Exercise & weight... I haven't been walking, but then it snowed here & has been stinking cold. When we had a few spring days we were outside walking & cleaning up the yard. I still fit into the 16 pants so it wasn't a fluke & I really like the way they look. So I can say that I have dropped 2 sizes & I hate my Dr.s office scale, because I had to go for a visit & according to their scale I haven't lost an ounce, how that is possible I don't know, but I guess muscle weighs new mantra!!!

5. Creative time & organized computer time... It still takes me way too long to do what I want to do on here, but then I am usually IM-ing with my sister when I work, very distracting!!!

6. Potty Training is DONE! She has had a few accidents, but not many. Now for sleeping in her own bed. I am going to empty her room into the current office, so she won't have any toys in there at all (no clutter = more restful we hope!). The office now is just a part of her bedroom anyways, previous owners divided the room (dumb!), they'll have a toy/playroom & I hopefully won't have to step on another Lego ever again (ya right!).

7. Emergency kits - I'll finish these this spring, it's too cold for me to even go out to the porch & put the recycling out, amazing how a couple 60+ days can turn you into a big baby!!!

8. Routines, well it's a good thing I haven't been doing this work, because next Tuesday EVERYTHING will change anyways!!! I'll be able to make the bed in the AM & clean the house before Noon!!! The only downfall is that we will have to get up a couple hours earlier than usual, dh has a 45 minute commute. On an more frustrating note I hate having to vacuum with a shop vac! The belt on my regular vac went & I don't have a replacement (in fact it was the replacement). I only hate how much open floor space we have when I have to vacuum it... Otherwise the space is pretty nice. Won't be long now & all the carpet will be gone anyway, hehehehe!

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