Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gas Prices Climbing again

Frugal For Life posted a poll to see if or at what $ you'd change your habits due to the gas prices...

I had to say that I already have. The gas prices really put a damper on our ice cream/food business. So much so we decided not to open this year at all. We didn't feel that the traffic through the Park would increase much from last year, especially since gas will probably be priced the same or more.

That said, hubby's new job is 45 minutes from here, so we are now having to pay for more gas than we are used to. The price of gas jumped 3 cents yesterday. I don't know what it is exactly here, but if it is $2.81 in PA it's probably pushing $2.99+ here. Estimating the math he is using 3 gallons a day so ruffly $10 a day in gas, eek!

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