Friday, April 6, 2007

Frugal Friday Tip #4

I no longer use credit cards, for some reason we don't have a debit card for our checking/Savings accounts (can you say NSF), so I signed up for an AccountNow Vantage Debit MasterCard

My husband found the link originally, hey gotta give credit!

I was able to link the card to my paypal account using the Account Now as my bank account. All of the money I make online from writing & selling goes into
my PayPal account & I didn't apply for a PayPal debit card (personal reasons) So I needed a way to get my money!!!

It may not seem like a terribly frugal tip on the surface, but I signed up for the FREE account (no monthly or set up fees), I get free bill pay with the card, plus I only ever have access to the $$$ on the card. It's like a built in budget to control my spending. Plus, no more NSF fees because hubby forgot to tell me he bought gas and paid at the pump... SO I guess it's Frugal for me!!! I hate paying fees, ESPECIALLY because of mis-communications. With Dh starting his new job on the 17th we are going to have a lot less time to chat & check in with each other, so it is comforting to know that he has his card loaded for gas money & I have my card for, um uh, really important stuff (who am I kidding, FABRIC!) and we'll never get hit with NSF fees again!!! WooHoo, Freedom!!! And yes I am a total & self proclaimed dork...(I really did just pump my fist in the air & given the look on my sons face I really did yell it out loud!)

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