Sunday, April 15, 2007

The great migration...

Ah Sunday! The boy goes back to school tomorrow, dh goes to work Tuesday, life will get back to normal soon! Yippeee!!!

I have only one must do mission for today & that is to begin the great migration of fabric to the upstairs from the basement. I have set up my machines, iron board & started thinking about layout. We have very little left to move furniture wise, now it's just the "stuff."

It has snowed here again, I really wish it would stop & be spring once & for all. We ran out of coal & in protest started to burn wood! I really do not want to have to buy another bag, it is April 15th for pete's sake!

I also have to do laundry today, the Princess had an overnight "accident" of course she was in my bed when she did...

Rethinking the Costs of Child Care and Considering Some Major Choices was a read worth sharing!

I am going to work on a menu plan, It has been too long since I've used one. Now I have a full panrty I need a direction or I'll stand there and be like "we have nothing to eat"...typical!

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