Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Shopping trip

Ok, so I know I need to be accountable in what I spend & where, so I'm gonna do it here.
Today was our first shopping trip in 2007 so at least I'm starting at the beginning!!!

We went to Wal-Mart. Of course with dh & the Princess, so there are always extras...
I picked up a 50 gallon wheeled tote for my emergency kit. It is a lovely tan & looks like it will hold all the items I want in it comfortably. $16.97

I also grabbed a clear 53 qt box for some fabric $4.82 (I had $25 from a gc for Christmas, for myself), so I also got a new pair of sneakers. After working in the ice cream shop all summer mine have no tread. So Merry Christmas & thank you MOM!!! $15.72

The Prince got a pack of hangers, he is getting so big that the toddler hangers he has don't hold the clothes anymore. $0.97

The Princess had to walk after I picked up the tote & got a couple small toys off a clearance rack, she managed to get 3 on the belt at checkout, which is good cuz she had an armful. $1.88

We picked up a couple of pizzas for dinner tonight, an unexpected expense but cheaper than delivery! So 2x $3.98

We also bought a rack of ribs that was marked down & a picnic that was $1.08/pound.

All in all we spent $138.90 I didn't think that was sooooo bad, until I am sitting here looking at the reciept realizing that dh spent $3.83 on bologna, ok that's only 2.90 more than I usually spend....~rolling my eyes~

I didn't think we did too bad considering I stocked up on a few items & we were out of honey (while I can understand the danger of the job & sheer massiveness of the process, $3.98 for the medium jar???).

The Princess spent $1.88
DH spent $5.54
I spent $20.54
8% Sales Tax $3.11
Household $29.53
Grocery $78.30

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