Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Emergency Prep - One of my 2007 goals

In my neck of the woods my biggest emergency concerns are fire & blizzard so I am setting up my emergency kits appropriately.

Flying Lessons - Preparedness for Emergency Evacuation from FlyLady.net is a good place to start setting priorities.

I am going to set up emergency kits for everyone in the family. I am unsure of where to store & what to store them in, I am thinking our covered side porch in a very large tote. I'd like to have bags for each of us inside filled with stuff that we'd need to grab in case of fire or other emergency. I try to keep a well stocked pantry of canned goods & other non perishable goods. In case of a blizzard or long term power outage we will need to have food on hand. (since there won't be any at the stores & couldn't get to them if there were!!!) We have a BBQ grill, outdoor fireplace & at the present time we have an extra stove converted to propane, so all I need to cook for the family is a good supply of propane! We converted to all electric major appliances (including the hot water heater) so if the power goes out we need alternatives!

It is good to know that most gas stoves can be converted to use propane, just follow directions in your manual. So if you are like me & all electric don't pass up that super cheap (free) gas stove... Obviously the electric pilot won't work, but you can light it carefully with matches or a lighter. If you aren't up to it, lots of us have BBQ grills that are propane, you can cook anything on them!!!

Emergency kits:
4 Bottles of Water
Change of Clothes - rotate for season & size changes, don't forget socks & undies
Photocopies of ID & medical cards
couple Snack Bars (granola, fruit, cereal, etc.)
Extra shoes (great place for your worn out sneakers)
Contact Case/Glasses Case/Cleaners etc
Prescriptions (If you have to have them)

Family Kit
Household Inventory List
Photo CDs
fire extinguisher
Emergency Numbers (Insurance Agent, Dr., Vet, pharmacy)
4 Gallons Water (I did 1 per person)
1 blanket per person
Box of granola bars/snack bars
stuffed animal for the kiddos 1 each

First Aid Kit Inventory - I keep a tool box in my bathroom area & one in my car

1 Box of medium size medical gloves (or whatever size you need)-for cleaning up messes (i.e. puke, poop, blood)

1 Thermometer - whatever kind you already have, unless it doesn't work. -this one is obvious, but a working temp taker is crucial

1 bottle of Alcohol Gel -for hand washing especially if you use this for travel, but even at home it's good

1 bottle of Normal Saline (please get NS, not contact solution) a 500 ml size is best.-for washing out eyes and wounds

1 bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide -for disinfecting wounds (and if you're like me, then ears too)

1 bottle of Rubbing Alcohol (optional)-for sterilizing tweezers to get out splinter

1 tube of Neosporin or generic equivalent-for applying to wounds to help healing

3-6 boxes of Band-Aids depending on size of family and accident prone members
1-3 regular size - for fingers & such 2-4 inches long and 1 or so inches wide.
1-2 large size - for larger areas elbows, knees 3-4" long 2-3" wide
1 X-Large -for really large areas 3-4" square or bigger

1 box of 4"x 4" gauze pads -for cleaning or bandaging

1 36'x36' square of muslin or cotton or bandanna-for slinging arms or emergency use as a tourniquet or cleaning rag
or whatever

1 roll of 1" or 2" medical tape -for taping down gauze or whatever you use

1 travel size box of cotton swabs -for applying ointments

1 tube of Activated Charcoal (To be used in lieu of IPECAC) -for ingestion of substances like pills, cleaners, etc.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Act. Charcoal is better for accidental ingestion since it neutralizes whatever was swallowed. IPECAC will make the substance come back up and if the stuff was caustic like bleach or most household cleaners it can burn the lining of the throat very badly. You can find Act. charcoal at pharmacies and home health stores.

1 pair of bandage or All-purpose scissors-for cutting off clothes or bandages

1 pair of tweezers-for splinter removal, removal of ingrown hairs

1 can or bottle of Burn spray or gel-for 1st degree burns (sunburns, burning hand on stove)

1 bottle of Caladryl or whatever poison ivy/oak/sumac remedy you like -for relief of poison ivy/oak/sumac

Several travel packs of Over-The-Counter medicine like Tylenol, Alka-Seltzer, Immodium, etc

1 bag, briefcase, tote or container to put all these things in. I have a red tool box for the house & a purchased kit in the car.

Ziploc bags for some of the items and some empty to save specimens for doctor

A list of contents so you can replace used items and keep track of usage

I think this is a good place to start, I'll update it if I add anything else!!!

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