Thursday, January 4, 2007

Pay Jr. Allowance helper

PAYJr is a FREE online allowance and chore management system designed to allow you to assign chores and allowances and their associated rewards.

This is an interactive way for parents and kids to learn that hard work pays off. As a parent, you assign chores, the kids get their assignments and complete them. Parents can get a prepaid PayJr. Mastercard that they can load money onto as kids complete their chores. The kids can use their new debit Master Card for purchases anywhere Master Card Debit is accepted. The bonus here is that you as the parent get to track their spending as well.

This is an affordable teen prepaid solution to add organization to your family life and teach children the rewards of doing work assigned, giving them a tangible way to track their progress.

There are Chore Tracking Charts and Allowance Fee Tables for those not interested in the Prepaid card or for parents of younger children.

There is also an Education Center with links to TONS of advice on kids & money.

There is a lot of set up in this, you can't just pop on over & bam you have everything worked out, so I'd have a chore schedule & allowance amounts ready ahead of time. But once it's set up it seems to be easy to adapt or change.

For example, the Prince is WAY to young to have a debit card, so I am starting a chore chart for him. Example: Put away laundry MWF for $1 a week, Set Table MTWTF for $1 a week, etc.... He is only 7 & we don't have a set amount for his allowance yet (I am thinking $5 a week, in $1 bills so we can teach him to save, give & spend wisely).

I'm not sure if this will work the best for me right now, since I have such young children, but I can see the benefit of the prepaid debit card for older teens. I would have liked a little more experience with "plastic" before I started college, Ya know!!!

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