Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wish I could say I went out & had a wild & crazy time last night, but I spent it on the couch watching commercials. We were trying to watch the ball drop, but I swear there were more commercials than party...

My sister already called me this AM to chew me out for chumping her. Not my fault (DH, grrr)! I was almost ready to walk down to the party...of course it was rainy & very windy, I wasn't sure I'd actually make it there!

So I had lots of time to think about my "Resolutions"

Ok, so lets lay out the finalized goals for 2007...

1. Teach my children respect for money.How to save, budget, spend wisely, plan for the future, what really is rich, etc….

2. Save money, we need to have an emergency fund in place.

3. ORGANIZE!!! I have decluttered lots of stuff, now it's time to get what I have into a home!

4. Continue to exercise & do healthy things. Drink lots of water, keep walking, eat as many healthy meals a week as possible.

5. Work creative time & organized computer time into my daily routine.

6. Get the Princess Potty Trained & sleeping in her own bed

7. Create Emergency Kits for the family & update the first aid kit.

8. Continue with my daily routine & habit building ( I will be fully flying this year!

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Lexa Roséan said...

good luck and happy new year :)