Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Very Very Best Frugal Tip:

Ok, I want in too. Now I just have to think of the best tip possible...

Ok, it would have to be recycling clothing into something else.

A) Cut the fabric into squares, sew together & make blankets
B) Use the fabric to cut out patterns for childrens clothes. (I got 2 jumpers for DD out of a pair of dh's old pants)
C) Use pockets from old jeans to create a storage unit, just sew onto larger piece of fabric (like a store bought pocket wall hanger) you can hang using a dowel, wood strip, reinforce with cardboard
D) Old Socks make great dust rags
E) Old flannel can be used to make "swiffer" covers
F) Old sweaters can be turned into pillows, gloves, hats.
G) I use old clothes I don't have another use for to sew hanger covers for my plastic hangers (How to Sew Hanger Covers)
H) There are other no sew uses as well, pantyhose has enough uses for it's own tip!!!

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