Monday, January 29, 2007

January goal update

1. Kids money - We have decided on our method of distribution & recording, now I have to get the system set up so they are putting their money into the proper jars for saving/spending/giving. Pay day is Friday so well deal with that then!

2. Save money - I put my $ into a saving account $45, The kids we haven't done yet, I still need to get to fill in the forms & go to their bank & get the initial $50 deposits out.

3. Exercise & eat right - We didn't walk much this month, but I have remained active, shoveling snow is great exercise! I don't think we ate out or ordered out nearly as much as usual. And one time I went to McDs was with my Dad (he paid & it was breakfast which I split with the Princess).

4. Clothes that fit: well, I made some headbands!!! I really need to get down to the sewing room & start altering some of my clothes, maybe this week it won't be so cold down there!

5. Managing my time better - I find I am spending about 4 hours a day on the computer. It may seem like a lot, but I am constantly fighting distractions, getting up to do laundry, get snacks, change channels on the TV, or attending a tea party or picnic! I have started making lists of things I need to do but didn't get to the first time I sit down, so the next time I'm not starting from scratch. I have also started writing on our other computer & just saving it to the notebook, then I can add it to whatever blog or publisher I need to when I can get back into the office.

6. Potty training & bed training - So I bought "Cars" pullups thinking that she wouldn't want to get Lightning all wet, BIG MISTAKE, now she changes them constantly, but isn't keeping them dry.... And sleepng in her bed, I think I might buy one of those "real life" dolls so she will have someone elses hair to pull all night. (kidding, really I am)

7. Emergency Kit - I have the tote, 4 blankets, and am starting to add clothes this week.

8. Routine - I am getting to where things are routine again, just not necessarily what I want to be computer time is routine, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etc. but the living room is a mess & my hot spot fire drills have all but disappeared, where did my shiny sink go??? (

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