Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shopping trip #2 - 2007

Ok, back to the store we went. 1/8/07 WalMart

Food: $28.28
Household: $5.24
Kids: $16.21

Kids was training pants & wipes. She needs to get into big girl pants, but then the 7 year old needs to get dressed for school in less than 20 minutes... Parenting dilema, I can only be in one place at a time & the bathroom and ds's bedroom are too far apart to yell!

Household - dishwasher soap, comet, & yarn (had to fix dh's slippers, somehow the Princess managed to chew through the lacing??? Guess that could be a blog in itself...)

Food - milk x 2
cheese slices & brick
reduced bakery items (french bread, was Oven baked french toast last night.)
bologna (the $1/pound stuff)
"pop tarts"
granola bars
yogurt sticks
tube buscuits (I buy the cheap ones - usually $0.25/tube)the kids like to cook with them, so a 4 pack will last us a while

So total 2007:
Grocery: $106.58
Household: $62.73
Sales Tax: $3.98


Donna said...


I just got here because you left a comment on my site -- I just wanted to say that I love the tone of your site, it is a very warm site and sounds very genuine. I'll be back often, I'm sure.

Lisa Knight said...

Thank you Donna I 'preciate the love!

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