Saturday, January 6, 2007

Day 6 & where are we???

Well how are you doing on your 2007 goals???

I can update you with my current stats!

1. Kids money - we are still deciding on what they are to do for what amount of money. Obviously The Prince (7) should get more than the Princess (3), but we don't know how much $. I have read $1/per, I also think that some things they do are just because they ARE, ya know. Like I am not paying them to brush their teeth...or pick up their dirty laundry from the floor, or pick up their own toys. I am not sure about rewarding them for acts that happen just because they are part of a family, but then isn't setting the table, they do eat??? And no one paid me to cook it~
Oh, well I digress!!!

2. Save money - We have worked out what we need to save every week to get to where we need to be by Dec 31st & still manage to eat. I have made a few individual goals here as well, like having money in the kids 529s by Dec 31st & money in my own account, on top of the emergency fund. I am using The Simple Dollar's 31 days plan. So far I am through day 5 & I feel a lot better knowing what I know now!!!

3. Exercise & eat right - Well I have logged 45 minutes of walk time. The week just got away from us. It was nice to walk outside though, the weather is unseasonable here. Guess we are getting our snow soon though, we'll go back to walking at the highschool.

4. Clothes that fit, well, I haven't exactly spent the hour a day doing UFO's in the sewing room. I am, in January, spending 1 hour a day organizing the room. I need to get the holiday stuff put away & organized, then I can start putting the materials I still have out away.

5. Managing my time better - well it's a work in progress! I have found that a notebook, by the laptop is a great help. I can note things I need to do later & keep on the task at hand with out getting sidetracked.

6. Potty training & bed training - We will increase our push to the potty, I don't think her brother was this resistant....

7. Emergency Kit - I have the tote, 2 blankets, & 3 mini bottles of water (all I had at the time!). I will try to pick up 1 thing everytime I shop. My Mom thinks I'm nuts, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, her house isn't 140 years old.

8. Routine - well I'm dressed (to the shoes), the Princess is dressed (didn't want shoes on, she is wearing my walking sneakers), the laundry is running, I cannot say that the sink is shiny, but it will be soon!

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