Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The House Fairy

The House Fairy is a new website created to help you get your kids to want to be neat & tidy! It was developed by Pamela Young of Sidetracked Home Exectutive and The Brat Factor. If you subscribe now (before Feb 28, 2007) you get 2 years for $10, regular price will be $20. I know that their hosts were overwhelmed by the initial response, but things seem to be moving along fine now. I will definately be signing us up. FlyLady is a ton of fun for us grown ups & has some fantastic ideas for getting the kids involved, but my 2 are web junkies. They will love the videos & fun activities. I really like how they tie it in with Santa (so if you don't do Santa, this may not work for you), guess they'll have to come up with a multi denominational House Fairy in the future!

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