Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Preparing for 2007 Financially

Ok, so I have been following The Simple Dollar's 31 days to Fix Your Finances

I have completed up to day 10 & BOY am I informed! I have managed to corner DH on every aspect of our finances & lay out for him everything he has messed up in the last 3 years. But I think we have a sound understanding & a plan of attack. I can't wait for the next days task to be posted!!! I am really liking the simplicity of it all, dh is not a financial wonder & has a hard time grasping concepts like if you spend $20 on chicken wings how are you going to pay the phone bill???

SO right now I have our expenses & how many hours he has to work to meet them. Realizing that he is falling short a few hours a week is really frustrating, especially since we are so close, with no wiggle room at all.

I'd post what I have done so far but it is far humbling a task!!! Maybe in the end I'll fill in the blanks, but right now it's just all TOO REAL!!!


The Digerati Life said...

Congratulations! It's cool that you're on your way to improving your fiscal life! I'm working on mine for this year too.

Lisa Knight said...

Thanks! It is a good goal! I hope that I can be in a different position in 2008, where it isn't such a HUGE priority, hopefully by then the base will be in place & it will just be habit...