Thursday, January 11, 2007

2006 Taxes - Yikes!!!

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So I have started assembling links, just not paperwork :D. I can say that at least the Ice Cream shop's books are mostly caught up. I am behind, but only by a couple of the last days (why bother?) and a few expense reciepts that need to be found (like the last 2 ice cream deliveries?>??)

Last year we did good, Turbotax efile had an offer that allowed us to get $$$ FREE just for using them & using some of our refund $ to buy gift cards. I can't remember exactly how much we got, I think the max was $200 in free gift cards (can't remember how much you had to spend out of your return though) Well we got gift cards for Lowe's & used then to fund a lot of our 2006 repair/renovations on the house. So it was money we would have spent anyways, we just got an extra few $ doing it this way. I know that we made more money back than we spent having them file our state taxes too... SO I can't remember exact #s but we were in the black!

Ok, so please don't trash me about how I shouldn't be getting a refund, I'm just loaning my money to the gov't, yada yada yada. The only way for us to not get a refund would be to take out the Earned Income Tax Credit over the year, which I'm not comfortable with, we'll get a significant return until they take that away! Guess I don't trust them to not say hey we overpaid you & now you owe us...EEEK. Plus a lot of our refund is tied into the sole proprietership deductions we take. It pays to own a business. Even a small one.

This year DH incorporated us & I ain't gonna even try to file that baby! Individual taxes are hard enough...

Well I have vowed that 2007 will be a better organized year so I am looking for software to better organize our business ventures (if it was just us I'd stick with the stuff already on my computer!). Save up to 36% Off Quicken 2007 Products + Free Shipping. I have used Quicken in the past & loved it. In doing some research on business software I figured our best bet was Quickbooks. So I'll be weighing that again here fairly soon.

Found this blurb, wonder what it's like? We are considering increasing our rental properties (1 is just painful, especially since it's our home too...) Guess I'll look into it once I need to :-D. Trying not to get distracted here but it is my nature!!!

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