Friday, August 8, 2008

Walgreens #1 Super Savings

I made my first real trip to the new Walgreens (WAGS) Thursday. Since it's a new store I don't think they had gotten in everything in their flyer, which made me toss my list... I did get a rain check for the $1.99 domino sugar.
I left with 3 bags, mostly of school stuff. Can't beat a 10 pack of pens for 9 cents! The only thing I grabbed that wasn't on my list was 2 4 packs of dry erase markers for $1.99. The kids are LOVING the dry erase letter boards I got them, so much so the pens that came with them are drying out. Oh darn, the education... LOL!

I also took advantage of the Pert/Sure rebate that was in the coupon flyer this past weekend. Buy $5 worth of Pert & Sure & $5 of school supplies get $5 rebate by mail.

  • 2 10 pack pens
  • 4 2 packs pink erasers
  • 2 10 pack mechanical pencils
  • 2 4 pack dry erase markers
  • 2 20 pack pens
  • 1 4 pack highlighters
  • 2 index cards
  • 2 packs fill paper
  • 2 pencil sharpeners
  • 4 10 packs sheet protectors
  • 1 6 pack koolaid drinks
  • 1 pert plus
  • 1 sure deodorant
  • 1 degree for men
All for $25.67 after tax. Not too shabby! Most of it was just to stock up. I still have a few things from the list to pick up (they were out of the markers & crayons). They were also out of anything remotely useful in the buy $10 of Kellogg's get $5 in register rewards. I was hoping to stock up on the poptarts, but there wasn't 1 box in the store.

But, I still have the $5 rebate to mail in too! SO my total will be $21.09 figuring in the stamp! Not too bad for my first trip!

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