Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy Week Menu

Aren't we always busy! Well I start my new part time out of the house job, so until I get settled in that I'm sure it will throw a mild curve ball into our routines! Mostly laundry. I'm not sure how, but it seems like I am doing laundry 24-7!

The first football game is Saturday, practice every night. Plus we have to set up our shelter tent for a birthday party on Saturday (friend's house). The Prince starts school on the 3rd, the Princess the 9th.

So my plan for this week is basic & mostly out of the pantry.

Mac & Cheese with tuna and peas

CrackerBarrel's Hashbrown Casserole with meatloaf and a veggie.

Crockpot lasagna I have half a box of oven ready noodles, that's more than enough.

Freakin Awesome Zucchini Pancakes for breakfast night.

Busy Day Csserole with veggies.

I don't have the neighbor's kids this week, but I'm still going to make something for snacks. And I'll have to check the lunch item inventory!!!

I have a pantry list I keep of things I always have on hand, so really the only time I need a plan is when I am trying a recipe & there are things I don't have on hand. That isn't much though!

I got a recipe from this weeks Carnival of the recipes.

Check out other menus at I'm an organizing Junkie.

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