Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Fun Things to do Before Labor Day

10 Fun Things to do Before Labor Day

1. Run under a sprinkler.
~Check! Washing the car was good for a soaking too!!!

2. Sleep outdoors.
~ It hasn't been dry enough to set up the tent outside, maybe I'll set it up in our dinning room!

3. Have a sunrise picnic in the garden.
~We have spontaneous picnics all the time, maybe I need to plan one!

4. Take a spin.
~Not for me... The kids have spun plenty!

5. Ring a bell.
~I'd need to get a bicycle first...

6. Eat most of your meals outdoors.
~Check! We have too, we moved the old dinning room table out on to our screened porch. We are getting a new table from my Grandma, we just have to go get it.

7. Eat a campfire treat—indoors.
~Check! We do s'mores every chance we get.

8. Stay up late for some stargazing.
~ Check! Goes hand in hand with the campfires!

9. Sing campfire songs and tell ghost stories.
~Not sure the kids are ready for creepy campfire stories, they are sensitive buggers!

10. Get a new flag and let it wave!
~Check! We bought a new one for Memorial Day.

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