Monday, August 11, 2008

Frugal Energy

I am reading Flush with Energy and I am annoyed. Not at the article, but at the idea. The writer talks about how Denmark gets 20% of it's electricity from wind and the US only 1%. My annoyance comes in to play from an ongoing local battle to build wind farms.

There are companies that want to come in and put up wind turbines to increase that percentage. Only they are meeting with constant protests, obstacles & problems. The first site was no good because it might possibly disrupt some bird migration or some such nonsense. Because what the birds will be lost and not find their way around? This group of concerned citizens even had lawn signs printed to show support for their "Good Idea, Bad Location" campaign. Because of birds, aren't these birds more likely going to be injured by the SMOG and other pollution if we don't start using more renewable energy sources? This group have tied up the first company so long that a second company has stepped up to try to get it built. The second site, even more rural than the first has met with zoning issues & neighbor protests. Think country people, neighbors is really different out here!

We are doing research right now on what it will take to build our own turbine generator. It doesn't take much and we always have wind! I hope my neighbors don't complain. I'll probably be violating some zoning law.

Everyone wants to complain but the second someone tries to fix the problem, they find something new to complain about. "They" seem to want to be "Green," just don't put it in my back yard. I seriously hope that we are the only backwards county out there & these companies aren't being discouraged like this all over the US. If they are that 1% will stay 1% for a long time to come.

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